Small Ship Hotel stays UPCHARGE FOR SOLO IN HOTEL??

I am booked for next Sept for Scottish Isles with hotel stays in Glasgow and Edinburgh. I am a solo traveler and of course I am assessed for this and have paid about 5k more for my solo trip which states "all inclusive". The land portion in Glasgow has two hotels listed (choice??) but I asked my TA to give me the one on Blythwood square because I had heard the other was not as good. When he added it to my itinerary, there was an upcharge of 370.00 posted to my acct. assuming because I was a party of one. I think this crazy considering the 5k would have covered that. If I were merely checking into a hotel on my own I would not be charged extra. In fact I should be charged less just because less water and towels. I am thinking of just reserving room on my own. Any solo travelers have any insight on this?? Need advice. TY


  • cuttersam,

    I can't offer input on solo traveling, but I can say that when more than one hotel is offered, there sometimes is an additional charge for what is considered an "upgraded" hotel. I suggest you have your travel agent look into this for you. I hope I have been of some help.

  • I would ask or change to the regular hotel.
    A single has to remember that they are taking a room where two people would normally stay, so unfortunately you do have to pay more. What does cost the tour company less than a couple staying is meals and tour visits.
    I know it’s too late, but I would recommend a land tour of Scotland, the scenery is so lovely.

  • I think that the hotel to which you are assigned might depend on the stateroom category that you choose, so the better hotels go to the ones with the more expensive cabins on the ship. I'm thinking of taking this trip sometime in the future. Please publish a review. (I've been to Glasgow and Edinburgh on my own -- and would be happy to go back to both -- and have stopped in the Highlands on a cruise, so I think the islands would be interesting. Also, I love the "Shetlands" series.)

  • I checked and now only that one hotel is being offered. I already paid extra for this trip, it's an 11 day trip of sea and land and a published price of near 14k for a single person. It has already been built in. If they don't remove that I will take deposit and retool. It clearly states on the website that your cruise price includes everything but airfare. It could be I just have been given the wrong info from the agent. We shall see. Thank you for responding.

  • AH-HA. I have found the issue. When I told my TA I wanted that hotel he put a request in for the 4th (typo) and it generated the charge of the extra night as the contracted trip starts the 5th. Whew!! MCD will surely review and I am going to see how I may be able to watch the "Shetlands". I don't have cable.

  • Cuttersam, we watch Shetlands on Britbox streaming service. Currently on season 7. It's excellent. Britbox also has loads of other good series - with Yay - no commercials political or otherwise. Worth every penny. You can get a 7 day free trial, $7.99 a month or $79 a year. No I don't get a commission.

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