Insurance Irony?

Isn't it ironic that if you need to cancel a trip before the 'pay in full' date, the only money you forfeit is the amount you paid to protect you?


  • The insurance is not refundable but you can apply it to a future land tour not to cruises.

  • Yes, I am aware. I just thought it ironic that regardless of how early you cancel, that's the portion they retain.

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    Tauck don’t retain it, it is for insurance. I’ve been paying insurance for my car for over fifty years and have never had to use it. I’ve been paying house insurance for forty five years, and have used it for a couple of small things, it’s just the same. Tauck are being generous putting it towards another tour.
    Rssherms, aren’t you going to travel with Tauck again?

  • Yes, I actually did reschedule the one I called to cancel so as to not lose the $900. So I guess there IS a method to their madness after all! ;)

  • There's always a catch. ;)

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