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What is the dining situation on the Joy? Are there tables for two people or are you seated with others at larger tables? We have never been on Tauck before. I have seen people mention Arthurs in the forum. Is that a specialty restaurant onboard that requires reservations?


  • The closest thing to a table for.two.in the dining room are ones that are part of a line of tables where one seat is a built-in and the opposite a chair. The tables can be pushed together for a group or just for two people.

    Arthur's on all the ships are a slightly more casual venue with some similar items to the menu of the compass dining room like.grilled steak but also things like a hamburgers or flat breads. We're on the Andorinha in Portugal right now and it has a couple of local specialties. They do ask you to make reservations for lunch or dinner but that's just because it's a small space. Arthur's also provides an early morning continental breakfast and all day you have access to a super fancy coffee/hot drink machine and cookies.

  • We are currently sailing on the MS Inspire on a Southbound Rhine trip. I am pretty sure it is very similar to the Joy. In the main dining room there are several tables for 2. Most of the tables are for 4 people with a few larger tables. I took a photo of the main dining room at breakfast this morning and it is below.

    Arthurs is at the back of the ship and the menu stays the same for the entire trip. You can get food there until 11 PM. The menu in the main dining room changes each day. Here is a picture of Arthurs as well as the menu.

  • JohnS - Although Arthur's menu might be fixed it seems to vary from ship-to-ship or tour-to-tour or year-to-year. When we did the Berlin, Danube, and Krakow tour Arthur's menu included a German Brat / Hot Dog on the menu. We found them to be old school and very good. I don't see anything like that on Arthur's menu from your tour.

  • Smiling Sam - You are probably right that is does vary from ship to ship. I have had my fill of Brats and Sauerkraut anyway after having it for lunch today in Heidelberg and on the ship yesterday. :)

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    Yes, it does vary from ship to ship. I'll try to post a picture of the one on the Andorinha where we are right now. I know it has some local specialties like the francesinha sandwich.

  • John, looking forward to reading your review of your trip. We completed that tour just before you but on the Grace.

  • Thank you everyone, especially for the pictures!

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    Lunch Menu from Arthurs on the Andorinha - Oct/Nov 2022. The dinner menu is different.

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