Pre or post days needed for Peru and Galapagos tour?

Hi. I am trying to make my flights for Peru and Galapagos for the April 28 trip. Has anyone needed before or after days for sightseeing or do you see enough on the tour. A day early in Lima or Guayaquil?


  • You can fill an extra day in Lima, but I don’t believe you could in Guayaquil.

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    As Sam says, not much to see in Guayaquil at the end, but there are things to see and do in Lima- visit the INKA market, the Gold Museum of Peru and Weapons of the World, Huaca Pucllana, and for the more adventurous- parasailing over the Miraflores seaside cliffs. There are trips outside of Lima, also- Temple of Pachacamac, air/land tour of the Nazca Lines, etc.

  • Thank you, both! I guess it's time to book flights. Seems to have snuck up on me.

  • Four of us (me and three ladies) walked to the INKA market and did some shopping. It wasn't close, but not too far- you can Google it.

    On the way back we walked to and along the Miraflores palisades overlooking the Pacific, ate lunch at a Ruby Tuesdays :D in Larco Mar cliffside mall, walked back to the Hotel Belmond Miraflores, and, when the wind had picked up in the afternoon (we could see the parasailers from our hotel windows) we took a taxi up the coast to near the Parque del Amor where they launch from.

  • We booked a car through the hotel that took us downtown to see all the sights there - Presidential Palace, etc.

    As part of the booking we set up a time/place for the driver to pick us and to bring us back to the hotel. It worked great. We saw some sights downtown ( and did some shopping ) that wasn't included in the tour.

  • I don’t think Guayaquil is a must see. But, you might consider going to Quito and spend a couple days. There is lots of stuff around and in Quito.

  • Definitely arrive a day early in Lima. Walking distance to nice park. Great rooftop breakfast and pool at hotel. We had hotel concierge book us an Uber to the nearly every night Magic Water Circuit in Lima ( 6 of us - don't go alone ) . Guayaquil departures often in evening so you can walk thru town down to park on water during the day, just to check it out. Not worth an extra day.

  • We’re going a day early for the May 12 tour, primarily for insurance against missed connections. Glad for the things to do suggestions. Thanks Alan, Sam and cuzin GJ.

  • A few more comments about Lima-

    Get familiar with the layout of the city before you venture out. Lima is a big city, the 5th largest in South America, and is a typical with lots of traffic! It is not the most picturesque, though there are a few spots like the Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor) where the Basilica Cathedral of Lima (1602), the Basílica y Convento de San Francisco de Lima, the catacombs, are located. Our tour did a drive through of the city and stopped for awhile in the Plaza. We walked by the Basilica on the way to the welcome dinner at the Aliaga house, that, after 27 generations, is still owned by the family of Jeronimo de Aliaga Ramirez one of Pizzaro's captains. Your itinerary doesn't show you going there, so you can add that to the list of possible places to visit.

    We didn't go to the Gold museum, but I believe I read on TripAdvisor that it was just so-so and the (Inca) gold pieces were all reproductions. You'll see similar items, real ones, made from gold t the Museo Larco Herrera which is on your itinerary and where you will have your welcome diner. (The Larco Herrera and many of the museums in Lima are privately owned) The Larco museum walls are draped in beautiful flowers.

    A good place to eat and watch the sunset (and surfers) is La Rosa Nautica, located on a pier. There is a walk/trail leading down from the top of the palisades, but I would take a taxi there and especially after dinner!!

    When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping- backpacks ready to fill with souvenirs and locally produced knitted Alpaca wool clothing for adults and children:

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