Specific dress / clothes to pack Christmas River Cruise

Hi! We will be taking the Christmas Market cruise Vienna to Nuremburg on 12/13! Does anyone have specific insights into preferred dress for the palace excursion and the dinners on the ship! Thanks in advance!!


  • I'm doing this cruise next year with a group of women. It will be my 6th Tauck cruise. The meal at the palace is a lunch preceded and followed by sight seeing so not super dressy. I'll be packing nice slacks for dinners, some long sleeve tops and sweaters, leggings, all my Christmas party wear, etc. It's more important to be able to adjust for weather - warm coat, hat, gloves, and comfortable footwear. I'm currently in the search for the perfect boots.

    Terrylyn is the forum Christmas cruise expert so hopefully she'll weigh in on this.

    Ps - if my husband was taking this with me he would not be packing a sport coat.

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    We’ve done the Christmas Markets on the Rhine and are doing the Danube in two weeks. It’s more casual that the other cruises (no jeans in the dining room, tho!). I wore corduroys and sweaters, lots of Christmas ones. Main thing is to be sure your feet are warm and dry. I agree with Claudia, nice slacks and tops for dinner, especially for the farewell. I wore cords to dinner most nights.

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    Terrilynn…yes we are. We’ve chatted in the past. We’re flying out of Charlotte on the 26th.

  • we fly out of Charlotte on 11/25 -- are you staying at Hotel Imperial?

  • Terrilynn…yes

  • Terrilynn, you are right on target...It's a vacation! But I must admit I do bring my blazer and a couple of bowties, especially if a holiday (like Christmas) is near. Just something I've been doing for the past 50 years!

  • We are on the opposite (Nuremberg to Vienna) on 11/29. Thanks for all the tips!

  • All of you have replied with what I would recommend too. Tuesday, Eight of us booked the Amsterdam to Brussels trip on for December 6 , 2023, several cabins became available and we jumped on it. I, do take 2 pairs of boots, lots of scarves, gloves and hats…

  • BlueEyes49: we'll see you on-board for that trip (which we'd be trying to do since 2020). Third times the charm.

  • Blue Eyes...to me layers are the key. This year I'm also taking a gaiter with me as well. I bought it for Covid (instead of a mask) and discovered how great it was for keeping my neck warm during winter activities especially on cold mornings shooting Trap and Skeet during Winter League.
    Oh...what a fun time the eight of you will have!!!!

  • Last year Costco had the lightweight wool blend ones on sale and I loved that you could wear in different ways. Around my neck, as a cowl, as a hat or just over my ears. Light and easy to pack.

  • Thetriguy
    . . . . This year I'm also taking a gaiter with me as well. I bought it for Covid (instead of a mask) and discovered how great it was for keeping my neck warm during winter activities especially on cold mornings shooting Trap and Skeet during Winter League. . . .

    I wore my safari buff as a gaiter during Yellowstone in Winter. It worked great- easy to put on and take off over my head. I'm taking mine on XMAS Mkts.

  • Portoian….the same for us too.
    Thetriguy…yes most definitely layers…I’m coming from Southeast Georgia right at the Florida line so our winters are mild…Claudia I’ll definitely check out Costco for the gaiters…

  • I think they were Buff brand so if Costco doesn't have them you can order it direct. Costco does have their 32 Degree base layer Ts and long underwear right now and they are great for travel. Very thin but warm and can be easily sink washed and dried if needed.

  • We will be joining the crowd on the Dec.6 2023 Yuletide. After living 25 years in Florida we have some shopping to do for warmer clothes.

  • Choc…wait until Lands End puts there winter coats on sale. I bought a new down coat last year for 75% off.

  • With an extra day and a half we’ll be looking for things to do in Amsterdam that will not be part of the Tauck tour…any suggestions other than the Anne Frank Home…that’s definitely on our agenda in fact we all read the book for book club in advance of our trip last year…

  • I just ordered boots from LE that I'm hoping are warm and comfortable . Given that winter seems to be coming early to NM I think I'll get a chance to break them in. Also just ordered from the 32Degrees website a mid- thigh length packable down jacket for $49.

    In Amsterdam there is also the Van Gogh museum and we enjoyed the maritime museum. Just walking around the central district and canals is nice but cold.

  • Thanks for the tip on LE. Also, there is a diamond museum in AMSTERDAM. The admission is free. You need to make a reservation to get an English speaking guide. There is also a gift shop!!

  • Being a Van Gogh fan (no matter how they pronounce it) I would agree with a trip there. It was very enjoyable.

  • Everything Terrilynn shared is spot on. We are on the 11/29 departure from Nuremberg to Vienna - actually took the exact same cruise in 2016. It was no doubt the most casual of any of the 9 Tauck trips we’ve been on before.

    A number of comments here about warmth and layering - I would just add the importance of rain protection. On the 2 Christmas cruises we’ve been on in the past, we didn’t see much of the sun……and their hot, dry summer has turned into a rainy wet fall. The rivers are flowing!!!!

    I suggest your layering includes a top layer of rain and wind protection. Cold is one thing - damp makes it much worse…..particularly your feet. And, you will want to be out and about as much as possible without being miserable!

    Our two trips only included a couple of days of snow flurries - the other days with precip were a cold rain…..

  • UGGG - Daniel Hughes, we've been on several Xmas Market Cruises and have NEVER seen rain, that seems so miserable to me - hoping for good weather for us all. We are on the same cruise, but from Vienna to Nuremberg (our fav direction) - you may have a TD named ANNA - she was ours in Sept for the Ultimate Alps & Dolomites - she is supposed to be on your cruise, but was going to try to change to ours since she lives in Vienna and wanted to start there - she is fantastic if she is one of your TD. Have a magnificent time and here's hoping for good weather for us all - we were due to go on this last year, but it COVID canceled. We are going with a couple who have never been to Europe or on a Tauck tour - so we are excited to see them experience the Xmas Markets.

  • Thanks - safe travels and have a wonderful time!

    If it does rain and you find yourself a bit sad, make your way to Simon’s Cafe in Passau or a Laderach chocolate shop in one of the towns along your way (Nuremberg for sure) -both places really lift my spirits!!!!!

  • Excellent point Daniel, so be prepared. On almost every Market cruise we've had days with drizzle...some of which turned into snow flakes and flurries which just seemed to make the day magical. (Unlike Buffalo this week. But that's probably not something any of us hope for except my meteorologist son!)

  • For BlueEyes -

    Spare time outside Tauck tour……

    Been to Amsterdam twice – these are some of our favorite restaurants….

    Casa di David @ Italian

    Ristorante Savini @ Italian

    Full Moon Garden @ Asian

    Radisson Blu Hotel was nice

    Take an evening canal cruise……city is beautiful any time of year and at Christmas it was beautiful as well…..

    We also went north on a windmill tour (I think thru Viator???) and I really liked it - but my wife was quite cold. It started with a boat ride across a big lake to a logging Dutch wooden shoes - type town. She never warmed up….

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