A Few Pictures from Egypt



  • I would caution about booking a flight on Egyptair. I recently returned from Egypt - Jewel of the Nile. My original flight home from Cairo was booked on Egyptair, CAI-MUC, then MUC to DEN on United. As airlines often make schedule changes and don't notify passengers, I check the flight status weekly, prior to the trip. For some reason United can't explain (flights were booked thru United), Egyptair cancelled my CAI-MUC leg a few months before the flight. United reinstated it, then it happened again a few weeks later. Rather than risk it happening again, I changed my flight to Lufthansa CAI-FRA, and United FRA-DEN.

    It was a shame I had to do this, as the Egyptair flight was better in that it left at 10 AM (vs. 2 AM) and had true biz class vs. fake Euro-biz class seat, but I needed an airline I could count on.

  • BKMD
    November 19
    One thing I learned during the Egypt trip, when someone was looking at head coverings, is the red one signifies a member of >> Hamas. Sam may now be on some no-fly lists. :)

    Too funny, especially since that is a special treat provided by Tauck, picking out a bandana and having the pro at the Petra gift shop wrap it on your head.

    So you say I'm on the TSA no-fly list and AlanS thinks Interpol may be after me for taking pictures of Egyptian citizens at the market in Cairo, before you know it I'll be on Tauck's Most Notorious List. :D

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