I had a dream... (sorry, MLK)

The date - November 4, 2922 AD

Archeologists are digging at what used to be the Cairo Airport. They find a suitcase with a 2022 luggage tag and the ID says BKMD. They decide to put it in the GEM, which they announced will open on the 1000th anniversary of Carter finding Tut's tomb. Unfortunately, they ran out of money again and the museum STILL isn't open. nad then I woke up.

Now for some reality:
This morning, I got a knock on my door and it's Fedex. They returned my suitcase to me, which I haven't seen in almost a month, and it's in good condition!

Here's the story I got from Ryan, Bill and John, all with thick Indian accents, in Air Canada's call center:
My suitcase did not make it onto the flight I took from Montreal to Cairo, landing 10/28. It did arrive in Cairo the following day 10/29, however, it just sat and sat and sat. I asked the Concierges at both the Mena House at the start of the tour, and the St. Regis at the end of the tour, to call the missing baggage dept at CAI for me. They both obliged and told me the same story - they tried several times throughout the day and nobody ever answered that phone.

Eventually, Air Canada got my bag shipped from Cairo to Toronto and from there, they Fedexed it to me. I guess they couldn't trust their own planes to transport it. I thought I'd never see my bag again. The story has a happy ending!


  • A happy ending!

    Only if you had been daring enough to sport this look with the clothes you had to purchase in Cairo. Who knows, if you had, we might have found your picture in the hallway of the Old Cataract Hotel on the way to the 1902 restaurant, sometime in the future!

  • On the Global Entry kiosk, it said, "You have a very trusting face. Welcome home." I didn't even have to scan my passport or hand. If I wore that outfit, I suspect I would have gotten a more Egyptian-like security screening.

  • Same thing coming home from Jamaica on Saturday, no passport, no fingerprints. They rushed us right through so we could wait 20+ minutes for the bags to show up. :D

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