Skipping Walking Tours

I've visited many of the places the walking tours would go on past trips. Are guests allowed to leave the group on walking tours or skip walking tours altogether to spend more time in the Christmas markets? For example, could I take the bus to Salzburg but skip the walking tour and go on to shop? Also, does anyone know where the bus drops off in Salzburg?



  • Can't answer the bus drops but I know from previous tours that yes in general you can skip or abbreviate tours if you want. I've done so on other tours. Like the bus drops, you need to know where things are, pick up times, meeting places, etc.

    Always let the TD know if you've skipping. I got our TD in Normandy worried when I dropped out of a walk and went to the toilet. Mistakenly thought others knew where I was and would tell her. My bad.

  • Good point triguy. On our Douro cruise after the morning's touring you had the option to be dropped at the hotel or the coach went to Restauradores sqr. When we got down there the TD walked a nearby Ginja store for a shot of the cherry liquor.

  • Thank you Claudia, Alan and Thetriguy! I will definitely let the TD know my intentions and I will make sure I'm at all the right meeting points well in advance of the appointed times. I've never done a river cruise and it's so nice to know that it offers more flexiblity than a land tour. I think I'll really enjoy that aspect! And STRUDEL, well, doesn't that just make every day just a little bit better?

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

  • Actually, Karenna, you can go off on your own on a land tour, too -- just not on the days that you travel from town to town. I've done it several times. But, as with the river tours, do let the TD know in advance.

  • Thanks, MCD!

  • Terrilynn, I just wanted to thank you for all of your posts. They’ve been very helpful & informative. We’re doing the opposite tour from you (Nuremberg to Vienna) at the same time. Safe travels & Have a happy holiday season and trip!

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