Dress code for woman on land and for all on board ship for dinner

Does anyone know whether woman must cover their head and knees entering mosques like we had to do in Turkey and also how dress up do you think is expected for dinner on board the ship.


  • Although some countries have eased their protocols for tourists, I am of the belief that tourists should always show respect for the culture and norms of the countries they are visiting. Yes, cover your head when entering mosques, cathedrals and synagogues no matter the country. And no shorts and low cut tops.

  • In the UAE and Oman, the dress code for mosques was long sleeves, long pants or skirt and a headscarf. At the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, proper attire was provided if the visitor was not dressed properly. You remove your shoes before entering.

  • On our way to Africa we decided to stop over in Dubai in 2019.   Dubai was very lenient in their dress code for women compared to Abu Dhabi.  We signed up for a day trip with Viator and all the ladies in our group were expected to wear the Abaya on entering the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.  It was a beautiful mosque and I think it was one of the nicest I have seen.  It was a hot day so the outfit was uncomfortable.

  • MCD it's correct.

  • While I agree with kfnknfzk that we should show respect for other cultures I must note that covering the head in cathedrals and synagogues is not necessary.

  • @Noreen - Did they provide an Abaya for each of the women? How did you get one? If they provided each of you with one, I hope they are washed between uses.


  • Although probably not a tourist destination for many, head coverings in orthodox and some conservative synagogues are required.

  • Mike - Viator provided each lady with the Abaya but I don't know if they washed them. They were in a large basket and they came in three different sizes. It went over our ogingal outfits. It is actually a great question that I failed to ask.

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