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  • BKMD - Wait a minute... Mr. Engineer is asking his wife for advice on replacing a water heater???

    This comment demonstrates why you are single. :D

  • Better single than p...y whipped! :)

  • Late one afternoon, maybe 5 or 6 pm, I noticed water running down the driveway and investigated. Seems that the water heater in the garage was leaking.

    So I turn the water off to the water heater and hook up a hose to the faucet on the heater and drain it. I tell my wife, "I'll go get a new water heater tomorrow morning."

    But she says, "I want to take a hot shower tomorrow morning."

    So I go to Home Depot, rent a truck and buy a water heater. Then, I come back to our house, take the old water heater out, and put in the new heater - all except the overflow pipe. That, I'll do the next day. I return the truck and pick up my car that I left in the parking lot. It was probably 10 pm by then.

    But my wife was able to have a hot shower in the morning.

    Happy wife, happy life.

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    I found this story about the "Icicle House" that Alan posted about -

    Comparing the pictures, it appears to be the same house - even has the same trash cans. The story is not very clear, but from my reading, it seems that the house was red tagged from a fire and then the pipe burst. Looks like it happened in 2015.

    I also found an article that should have shown pictures of the inside of the house but it looks like the pictures are gone now. Either that or I have to sign in to see the pictures, and I wasn't going to do that -

    From stories I found about the house, it seems the pipe broke in the upper area, and the second floor collapsed from the weight. The basement was flooded, also. No followup about the people who had been renting there - whether they got any reimbursement for their losses in the "flood". I imagine everything they hadn't taken out of the house after the fire was destroyed.

    [Update: I wonder why they didn't turn the gas, electricity and water off when they red-tagged the house. Seems like that would be SOP after a fire.]

    I found another article about the house saying that it was renovated and on the market. I didn't notice the date on that article.


    [We always turn the water off to our house when we leave on a trip.]

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