Snow coach used in Yellowstone

I want a picture of the snowcoach used in Yellowstone. The images I pull up on the internet show multiple configurations. If you have a picture of the coach used please send it to me at [email protected]
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Jim Motroni


  • The attached picture is from 2016. Since the basic units have been used for some time now, I expect them not to have change. What probably has changed is that the lead vehicle in the photo has the track units they'd used for many years, but they are slow and noisy. Not easily seen on the second vehicle is that they were experimenting with large, low-pressure tires which I believe they are now using. Much quieter and somewhat faster.

  • We didn't see any with tracks in 2020, all had the large tires

    It sometimes snows in Yellowstone.

    All the roads you will travel have been groomed, but the big tires don't guarantee the snow coach will stay on the plowed surface, however! :D

  • AlanS: interesting about the vehicle sliding off the road. In 3 Winter trips in Yellowstone which were all-tracked, all-tracked & then the mix, we never saw a tracked vehicle go off the road. Maybe the higher speed possible with the wheeled vehicles isn't an entirely good thing.

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    The area where it happened (not a Tauck vehicle) was open to pretty strong wind gusts. I don't know if that had anything to do with it.

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