Review of Hotel Bayerischer hof

How was Hotel Bayerischer hof and its' location? Did anyone dine at the hotel or use the spa services?


  • What tour are you referring to? Might help with an answer.

  • swimjensen,

    The hotel is centrally located within the heart of Munich. I can't comment on its amenities other than one of the bars I visited while on a business trip. We were told it was the only part of the entire hotel that remained unscathed during WWII. Hopefully someone else with more direct and recent experience will offer better input. Enjoy.

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    We stayed there on Romantic Germany (and in the Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski on Ultimate Alps and Dolomites.) While not quite as nice as the Four Seasons the Hotel Bayerischer Hof was still very nice and also centrally located. A surface tram goes right past the entrance, and it is about the same distance, just a few blocks, to the Marienplatz and Glockenspiel, Victual Market, the Residenz, Frauenkirche, but, slightly farther from the Hofbrauhaus and English Garden than the Four Seasons. You can't go wrong with either.

    We did not use the spa.

    After arriving from Oberammergau at about 6:00 pm, dinner was on Tauck. We had our choice of Trader Vic's in the hotel and Palais Keller Restaurant, "A 'rustic cellar with beautiful vaults and rooms offering traditional Bavarian cuisine" in the hotels 15th century vaults, although a 2019 renovation converted it into a modern interpretation of its previous medieval vibe. At both places- casual attire, alcohol not included. We ate in the cellar, I probably had wienerschnitzel. If I remember, it was very good. The next night we ate in town at a small restaurant- don't remember the name. The hotel also has a 2 Michelin-star-rated Restaurant Atelier.

    Other than a shot I took from our window (of the Frauenkirche and, in the distance, the Rathaus on Marienplatz), I don't have any shots of the hotel. You can Google it.

    Edit: check out how the camera lens can affect apparent distance! In the first photo the Rathaus looks off in the distance behind the Frauenkirche and a bit of a walk, yet in next photo one of the the onion domes of the Frauenkirche is just behind the Rathaus! :D

  • We were on the trips that Alan mentioned and stayed at the same two hotels. We were at the Bayrischer Hof in August of 2010 when we went to the passion play in Oberammergau.

    Two things I remember from the hotel...there's a monument to Michael Jackson in the plaza outside the hotel. This may be the hotel where he dangled his son from the balcony of his room.

    When we were there in the summer it was very popular with people from Saudi Arabia who would spend the entire summer in Munchen to get away from the heat. Families would be there for two or three months. It became home for them. The children would leave their bikes and skateboards in the hallway outside their rooms.

    It was a nice hotel...not as fancy as some others but in a good location. My notes say that we were able to hear the bells from the Frauenkirche peal every 15 minutes.

    The food in Munchen is what you would expect as German cuisine. Over the days we had Weiner schnitzel, sauerbraten, red cabbage spaetzle, potato balls, bratwurst, pork knuckles, potato soup ...... I grew up in a German family and all of these are items that my grandmothers would have prepared. Heavy but a good reminder of home!

  • The location is MUCH better than the hotel Tauck put us in this past June as part of our Oberammergau trip. We were way outside of town at the Westin. Nothing was really walkable. The Westin was nice, but I would have preferred the Bayrischer Hof.

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    Sugarcreek, what a shame. On our Oberammergau trip last June we stayed at the Bayerischer HOF; it was lovely and in a great location.

  • We are going on the Heart of the Blue Danube-Bavaria to Budapest.

  • Thank you for all the feedback and photos. This will be my first time in any of the locations on this trip.

  • Sugarcreek, were you on one of the river cruises that included Oberammergau? We were put in the Westin too and that was the only disappointing part of our Danube river cruise. When we were in the Marienplatz, I so wanted to be staying in the city center area.

  • Yes, we were on the pre tour to Munich and Oberammergau followed by a Rhine River cruise. Our start date in Munich was June 12. We had the gift of time so we stayed at the Westin for two nights. We had 23 folks on the three night pre-tour and really enjoyed that part of the trip. We had to admit the river cruise was our least favorite of our five Tauck tours. We understood about post Covid, etc, but it just did not seem up to Tauck standards.

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