Which Christmas market cruise?

We're trying to decide bewtween the Danube Christmas market cruise and the Rhine Christmas market cruise. We've done a Rhine cruise in the summer, so that makes me lean toward the Danube cruise just for a change of pace, but the most important thing is the experience, so I'd like to know if one is notably better than the other.


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    We did the Danube in the Spring and have booked the Rhine Christmas Market cruise for this December. The decision was based on wanting to experience a different river, towns, and guidance from a friend. Our feeling is that they are all excellent.

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    I've cruised the Danube in the summer (twice) and the Rhine for the Christmas Markets cruise. I was somewhat disappointed in the Rhine stops and markets (except for Strasbourg, which I love) -- though the MS Grace and its crew were great. Even though I haven't seen the markets, I'd go with the Danube.

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    Maybe Terrilynn will weigh in, she has done both. The itineraries and towns have differences, it is more than the markets, so you'll get differing opinions, but I think those who have done both will say the Danube XMAS Mkts is the slight winner.

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    We've done both several times and the DANUBE is, by far, our favorite. It is mostly GERMANY- which is where the Xmas Markets originated, so the markets are the best. We just went again last month. I also recommend doing it Vienna to Nuremberg if possible. We just posted a review last month, so be sure to look for it. Add a day or 2 to Vienna and to Nuremberg. Read my review and feel free to PM me with any questions. Either way, you'll have a great time.

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    I agree with Terrilynn. We've done both as well and I think the variety of Markets is much greater on the Danube trip. And yes, a day in front and at the end will give you a wonderful experience especially if Nuremberg is your last stop. There is just not enough time to take it all in on the last day.

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    We've done non-Christmas market cruises on both the Rhine (twice) and Danube. I thought the stops on the Danube were better and closer to the ship so less bus time. Though I too loved Strasbourg.

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