April 16, 2023 tour-

I’m curious if anyone reading the forum is traveling the same time as I am.
I’ve got a pretty good idea about how I’m spending my free time in Versailles and then in Paris but looking for suggestions for whatever free time I’ll have during the rest of the trip. It looks like a fantastic itinerary! Thanks in advance for your input.


  • This is a fabulous itinerary. I did this trip in 2019. I do not remember a whole lot of free time. I did a bit of walking in the areas where there was some free time to help offset the calories from the outstanding French food and particularly the bread and butter in the Brittany region.

  • Fran, we did this one in Sep 2021. I posted a long detailed review. You might want to read that and see if it gives you any ideas or additional questions. We were a tiny group of 9 so probably different from what yours will be.

  • Thanks Claudia. I have read your report several times and it has been very helpful deciding how much time to spend in both Versailles and Paris. I’m going in 2 days ahead to explore Versailles and staying an extra day in Paris. It’s been 22 years since I was in both places with my Mom, so I’m ready to see more through fresh eyes. I’m almost envious of your small group when you did this trip. So far there are 31 signed up, so the experience will be different for sure! Now I’m delving into the middle part of the trip.

    I’m also looking for a good nonfiction history book about France to read. The stop at Normandy is the reason I’m taking this particular journey. Tauck’s reading list on Normandy doesn’t intrigue me as I’m not drawn to military books that are laden with too many military tactics. I just want the big picture that lead up to events that changed the war. I’m sure I’ll learn bunches listening to the guide and visiting the museum. I’ll take suggestions, please.

    By the way, I was told this departure is touring the Louvre after hours and before our farewell dinner❤️. I’m so excited about that and hope it stays on the itinerary. I found out in one of my conversations with Tauck about our day to day schedule! I pay for the trip in 2 weeks, so maybe it will be in my final documents. 🤞🏻

  • I like to read about the countries I'm going to as well. Rick Steves website has lists of books and movies though it can be a tricky one to find. I usually do a search something like "Rick Steves France book list" which today gave me this

    In the fiction list he has "All the Light We Cannot See" which is also a movie. It takes place in St Malo which we loved. Now I want to see the movie.

    I'd add Edward Rutherford's Paris to that list.

    I'm not much of a WWII buff either though the local guides make it interesting. I'm more interested in the Viking history of Normandy and William the Conqueror. A long time ago Georgette Heyer wrote a historical fiction book on him -"The Conquerer ". We've watched the Viking series and just finished Viking Valhalla -the sequel series on Netflix. It lays some ground work to just before William. The character Godwin is the father of Harold Godwinson who William defeated to conquer England.

    Don't worry if the final documents don't have everything listed. Ours didn't fully match the website.

  • This is perfect! Thanks Claudia.

  • and for shear entertainment watch "The Longest Day."

  • The book “All The Light You Cannot See” was fabulous. I read for purely enjoyment and then when I listened to the half hour author’s analysis, it completely surprised me that I didn’t understand the subtle symbolism what the light you cannot see truly meant. The author gives an excellent interpretation of that book. Also “The Nightingale” was a fabulous book. My genre is WW2 historical fiction.

  • In preparation for our upcoming Seine cruise, my husband is currently reading "The Last Paratroopers of Normandy..." about how citizens of a French village assisted paratroopers who landed far off course. He is enjoying it.

  • We stayed in the Bed and Breakfast Inn that the WW2 British historian and tour guide (Stuart Robertson) owns with his wife and toured with him for 5 days. He is also a published author about the battle of D-day . He has a website which I believe is http://www.normandybattletours.com/your-guide/

  • I can recommend “D-Day Girls” by Sarah Rose. It is a nonfiction narrative of the British and French women working in espionage leading up to D-Day.

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