Cruising Seine plus Paris and London Free Time

If anyone has taken this river cruise can you shed some light on free time. I see lunch is included on the boat each day. Does this mean that the excursions are in the morning ? I want to get a sense of what a river boat schedule is. Thanks so much


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    We took this one in 2017 and the itinerary looks mostly the same. In general yes most excursions will be in the morning. Every day is a little different with more free time or more flexibility in what you choose to do. In Paris and London you'll have the biggest blocks of free time. Other days it's going to depend on the schedule and whether the ship is docked near the sights (Rouen, Les Andeles) . Every evening you'll get a detailed schedule for the next day with exact departure times, what your options are, when is the All-aboard time, etc. Things can change on tours. Here's a list of things that have affected ours (5 river cruises): weather, ships getting stuck at locks, other ships damaging locks, a concert at an excursion site, marathons, annual street fairs).

    If you have questions about a particular tour day(s) let me know and I'll try to answer. Best wishes.

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    Claudia - I'll add an additional item to things that have affected river tours (mine). Low water levels. We had to bus downstream to get to the boat as opposed to the original embarkation location.

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    And high water levels that caused us to miss a stop because we had to keep moving to make sure that we made it under a bridge (on the Danube). No matter what you run into, Tauck will take care of you.

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    Thanks everyone

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    MCD, I'd heard high water levels could affect things but you're the first person I've heard say it affected their's. Going under low bridges is when you find out why pretty much everything on deck folds down and even the wheel house elevates down. Fun watching the capt with his head poking out of the hatch in the roof steering. Also why river cruise ships don't have elevators that go to the sundeck.

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    I'm not sure when your trip is, but please post a review. It's always nice to read about the experiences and perspectives of others. I am taking it this spring and am getting quite excited.

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    Check out the itinerary for this specific trip. It will tell you when u have free time. You can also make your own 'free time'. Most days you have lunch on shore so u can try out the local cuisine.

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    The cruise is in October…so I am looking forward to your review 😉

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    I received my "e-green book" today and have some questions..........

    On day seven (7) after the Giverny excursion and after lunch on-board, we can either visit Vernon on our own or partake in a bicycle ride from Vernon to Giverny. I researched the distance (a mere 5.4 kilometers / 3.4 miles.)

    I presume the boat docks in Vernon. Yes?

    For those with direct experience in taking the bicycle ride, did you enjoy it? I'm guessing, but it appears the route would follow the river initially then turn inland to Giverny. Yes? The countryside looks beautiful.

    The Captain's dinner is scheduled that evening and I want to make sure we have enough time to shower and dress accordingly for the event. What time did you return to the boat after the ride?

    Thanks in advance for any information you can share.

    21 Feb...edited to correct punctuation error.

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