Packing for Venice, Florence and Rome 4/23

First trip to Italy. Looks like temps are in the 50's-60's. Any suggestions on what to pack?


  • What do you wear in those temps home, pack those things.

  • Thank you for your very helpful response, I meant shorts, pants, dress up etc!

  • Ah, well every tour group varies, so you might find your group is the dressy kind or the opposite but usually somewhere in the middle…. Which is where I like to be to blend in as it were. Most Italians don’t wear shorts in big cities and with those temps, I would not either.
    You will fall in love with Italy and want to go again.

  • Frankly, I'd wear mostly jeans (colored or blue) during the day, or whatever is least likely to show the gelato stains!

  • There is a great website which informs travelers about Italy in April. Also, google Venice canals run dry. British is correct about not wearing shorts and blending in. Pack comfortable shoes, a raincoat which allows you to layer a shirt and sweater under it and an umbrella. Learn the Italian words for please, thank you and goodbye. Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy has 14 episodes on CNN which includes Venice and Rome. I have been fortunate to visit these 2 cities while living in Austria and always as a woman dressed appropriately.

  • Hi monkey22
    We are on that tour the same week
    Our first Tauck tour

  • Maryr1011, I will look forward to meeting you! This is our fourth Tauck trip and they have all been incredible! Lynn

  • 'chic casual', whatever that is and good walking shoes. Would help if u stated when u were going.

  • We have traveled to those places several times over these past 7 years. The highs can be in the mid 60's but it can also be humid. I would say lightweight (like chinos) pants or leggings should be fine for the day, or "nice" capris. I try to avoid jeans due to their weight and volume but if someone else is lugging and you have space, then why not. I tend to prefer short sleeve tops and pack a couple of light sweaters with a jacket or two for evening. Scarves go a long way to make a plain outfit "dressier". I also like big colorful earrings. Have a day pack or bag for the bus with your squishable jacket in it. If you prefer to dine outdoors in the evenings then you need to plan for that. I like to bring my all-purpose pashmina shawl for an extra layer in the evening. Shoes are always the headache for me.

  • Forgot to add to plan for rain.

  • I'd focus my packing on light layers (tank, tee, sweater or cardigan with a good rain jacket for added warmth and weather protection if needed. For bottoms, I'd stick with pants in darker neutral colors. This tour has plenty of walking over cobblestone streets, so comfortable, supportive shoes are the way to go for daytime wear. Leave the heels and wedges at home, but if you are feeling the need to be dressier for dinners, include a pair of ballet flats.

  • Yes, layers are perfect because by noon if the sun is out you can be warm. We were in all those last summer. Europeans wear lots of summer dresses and skirts, not shorts much. Capris are versatile, one pair of jeans is always ok, dress up for some evenings with scarves, dangly earrings and a glam top. Ciao!

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