Cruising the Land of the Rising Sun

I am taking this trip on April 26. Any tips from previous guests or are there fellow travelers out there? I am aware of the previous criticisms about this trip but am willing to give it a go anyway because the itinerary fits my interests and because Tauck has supposedly addressed some of these issues.


  • Ralph_Wilhelm - thank you for your very helpful information.

  • Ralph_Wilhelm: I also thank you for your extensive input. This will be VERY helpful. I won't tip anyone!

  • I also loved this tour. It was educational and fabulous. I would recommend seeing the movie Shogun or reading the book if you haven't. I purchased many Japanese cotton yucatas that I use as bathrobes in the hot summer months. They are beautiful and I found them in the department stores instead of the touristy ones in the market stalls. The second I came home, I ordered a Toto toilet. You'll see what I mean.

  • 😂😂😂We have Toto toilets and never been with our a rice cooker since I first went to Japan around thirty years ago. Japan is wonderful for quality souvenirs! Himeji castle is where Shogun was filmed. I’ve been there twice. We go back to Japan in September and I can’t wait. I’ve been there during Cherry blossom time.

  • British: Good to hear from you. I am scheduled for this Japan / South Korea trip next month. Thanks to you and OurTravels for the touring and shopping tips. Agree with you about Toto - I have had mine for twenty years and wouldn't have a bathroom without one! I have several trips with Tauck again in the fall (back to back trips in France) and several cruises (Mediterranean and Trans Atlantic) with another company. It is great to be back on the road. I was talking just yesterday with someone about how fabulous the Africa trip / gorilla trek was. Happy travels this year and my best to Mr. B.

  • Hi Smarks! You are going to love Japan. We have lots of trips coming up. Often think of our Africa trip and hoping to go to Namibia later in the year.. Tanzania with family next year.
    I hit the big 70 this year and determined to keep traveling.
    Hope the weather in San Fran is not affecting you! Best wishes!

  • I am also gonna be a young 70 in a few weeks. The best gift anyone can give me is to travel and good health and happiness.

  • First about Cruising the land of rising sun:We went in 2018 southbound and absolutely loved all the sites we saw.By that time we were used to Ponant cruises from prior trips;so havin* other passengers particularly French did not affect us in an6 way including how we dressed up!We also enjoyed meeting some of the crew from prior trips on the ship.Our first experience with the famous Toto was in Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai (Tauck China trip).We don’t have one at home yet;but leaning toward replacing ours.Our concern is whether servicing the Toto is widely available!

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    Sudhamali, You don’t necessarily need a new toilet, you can just buy the seat. There are many brands and options so if you want one, do lots of research. They do not need maintenance. We got the Brondell brand because I liked it more than Toto, even though our toilets are Toto brand. We chose the model which included drying for our master bath but one without drying for our powder room, that nocks off about $100. There really are many choices to consider including how the water is heated. The most expensive thing is having a power outlet installed by your loo to plug it in! You can fit the actual seat yourself, it is very easy.
    TMI for most Tauck forum people for which I apologize.

  • Not really off topic. We purchased two TOTO toilets in 1991. Never had a problem with them. Yes, there are now a plethora of choices. Sadly, we did not buy again when we purchased our existing home knowing we would be relocating again.

  • We have three different, but essentially basic (like American Standard or Koehler), no frills models of Toto toilets in our house in E. NC. There is a Toto dealer in the next town who I assume sells the ones with all the whistles and bells.

  • Even Costco has various bidet toilet seats. There things have been an incredibly ‘hot’ items since the toilet paper crisis which is what finally prompted us to get them. We first experienced them in Japan a very long time ago and would not be without them now.

  • Thanks British;We are definitely considering changing the toilets.

  • Like I said, you don’t need new toilets, just the seat, unless you are ‘flush’ with money 😂😂😂

  • Well my kids think that anyway!😂

  • Washiki it is
    Golden Week for our time there
    mongst Cherry Blossoms

  • We are also going on that trip!

  • Note about the Toto toilets or the Toto add-on to an existing toilet. They need an electrical outlet. For houses designed to use those toilets, they put an electrical outlet low and to the side of the toilet.

    To retrofit an existing toilet, consider how far it is to an electrical outlet.

  • BTW, Tauck, thanks for another wonderful trip! Thoroughly enjoyed our fellow travelers, Japanese drumming, youthful and energetic xylophone musical entetainment, a pace that moved well allowing for options along the way, luxurious hotel roolms to bookend a cultural, educational, and epicurean adventure.

  • How did everyone feel about total ship filled up with TAUCK FOLKS ONLY? Did u have to divide into 6 groups for your excursions? Was it a madhouse as others have said they would never go on another tauck tour due to their experience!

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