Yesterday, I was at a travel show and talked with a Tauck representative. She mentioned a tour to Namibia is in the works. Has anyone heard about this? It sounded really interesting.


  • Yes, I also heard that. We have asked Tauck about going there for several years and people we have met on tours we told them to ask Tauck too. Tauck went to Namibia for a while years ago, it was not popular. For is, it is the most beautiful country in Africa that we have been too far and are literally just right now looking at other company that go there. Please be clear though, if you want to go to Africa for lots of animals, it’s not the place to go for you! The scenery is the main thing, sand dunes, petrified trees, naked tribes, German towns, shanty towns, markets, the coast.

  • Thanks British! We've been to K&T. The Tauck rep talked as if there were lots of animals, like black rhinos etc. The animals are the main attraction for me.

  • Yes, you will see Rhinos in Etosha, but we went hours before seeing anything on some drives

  • Yes! loves2travel2
    My last TD, as I mention my interest in Namibia, told me Tauck it's looking into it. I would imagine a couple of years... and it will be posted,
    I have check other Tauck competitors and they are already taking groups. . So, Let's hope it's soon. .
    Regarding Etosha, I was told by a local it's the place to see massive animals, mostly around the water holes.
    Checkout YouTube there is several incredible videos of Namibia .

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    Our focus is on the animals as well. We are considering booking a fourth K&T, as we love it. We love thie itinerary, and the lodgings, and the focus on game drives rather than other sight seeing. We do a lot of touring on our other trips, but in Africa we want to see animals. Z, B, and SA is also a wonderful animal trip, but we don’t feel the need to re-do the touring part of that trip. We did love the Z,B, and SA trip, and considered doing it again, as we loved Zambia, and the camps in Botswana, but we did not feel a need to re-do Cape Town. We did like Cape Town and the touring down to the Cape of Good Hope, but we don’t need to do it again.

  • Sealord - When you refer to your fourth Kenya and Tanzania tour, are you referring to the Great Migration or Classic Safari? Have you done both?

  • Sealord Hi.
    Just in case it you're interested in walking safaris, checkout Mana Pools & Hwange in Zimbabwe, great animal population and sightings- popular for walking safaris.
    Also, it is easy to get there, you can fly into Johannesburg and on to Harare.
    Check Kanga Camp :

  • Thanks mil. kfn….: We have done Z,B, &SA once and K&T three times. We like the ‘Classic’ safari a lot, and have not tired of it. Each trip has been a different experience even though the itinerary is similar. It has changed some over the years, and the animals are always different. Some years they have spent more time in different areas.

  • Thanks for the clarification, Sealord.

  • Namibia it's published! 2024. I'm in .:)

  • Published where?

  • The Tauck website.

  • Do go online with Tauck and ask for a brochure.They have resurrected a Namibia exotic tour for 2024 and I and 2 friends are booked for 10/1/2024.

  • Going solo on the June 25, 2024 Namibia trip. So excited. It looks incredible. Anyone going that date?

  • Looking forward to reports about this tour

  • 10/01/24

  • milmil
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    Yes! Stellie Good morning.
    Book your internal flight ASAP- they do go fast. Going Solo, fun! I always do, Love it.
    Just a word of advice... people presume " to be nice & friendly " but reality is.. they contact you here in the Forum to Vacuum all the info. they can from you... then as the tour starts and you get to meet this person, you realize they are FAKE! and Evil. - So, lesson learn...(even though I have done 11 trips and never had this happen to me till last year/ Botswana-Zambia & Cape T.) do make plans for yourself and if at the end... you happen to be lucky to match with another SOLO , great!
    I don't have a lot of info. yet, but will start doing my homework soon.

    Have a lovely day.

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