Rhine enchantment

Do you feel like you have enough time onshore with a River cruise?


  • We have taken several and enjoyed each one. Our last was Rhine Enchantment in 2019 and it was great. If you want a lot of time onshore, take a land tour.

  • The only River cruise we have taken is Rhine enchantment. We did enjoy it but yes, you can’t compare it with what you see on land. You have to weigh up packing and unpacking, those are the two differences. We feel why we have the energy we will try to focus on land tours and turn to the more leisurely river boats as we get older.

  • We will be taking Rhine Enchantment southbound in October, our first River cruise. We have primarily focused on land tours, which we very much enjoy. Although the River cruise will be different, I’m sure it will be equally enjoyable.

  • Generally, they move the boat in the evening or at night. So you should have plenty of time ashore. Typically, the only time they cruise during the day is when there is a particularly scenic stretch of the river.

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