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  • I went to Namibia a few years ago, it’s beautiful but does not have lots of animals to see compared to either other parts of Southern African or East Africa. We are going later in the year but not with Tauck, we wanted a longer trip.

  • absolutely magnificent Mil.

  • Stellie Hi.
    Yes, it is... reason why I'm asking Emily -Tauck if they offer a visit there... if not I will book it for my pre tour day.
    I got already the contacts . 3 hour drive from Windhoek. or by heli.


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    Mil, you will see all the same type of scenery in the WALVIS Bay Area, sand dunes, salt flats, flamingoes, penguins, ship wrecks etc .I don’t think it is necessary to do a helicopter trip to Sandwich Bay. Do you do a scenic flight in that area? The tour I am taking does. Swokopland is a cute town to walk around and it”s good for souvenir shopping, that is where I bought my Kodu leather ankle boots, African fabric and a couple of lovely cushions.

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    When we went to Namibia,, the smallest plane we had was six people including the pilot. Mu husband sat next to the pilot, two people behind them and me at the back with luggage in the other seat, fun!

  • British, that's what I would like to know. Is Tauck doing that scenic flight around the Coast Aswell?
    Also, are they going to offer the air balloon flight at the Kwessi Dunes, maybe a surprise? I wan to do that too. :)
    I, I, I :) but only when I travel.

    Stellie, Great... Congrats! when are you going?
    Everyone I know that has visited Namibia come back totally crazy about it.

  • Stellie HI.
    It sounds great, you'll love it. I'm going mid Sept. cannot wait. :)
    Start planning your xtras, if you need any help with xtras in Cape town and want info. on private guides send me a PM , I have reliable contacts.
    Have a lovely day.

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