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    I can’t find this trip…it’s so new it’s not listed?

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    edited March 2023

    Hi Nancy,

    It is indeed a new trip that will hopefully be listed today.


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    I like that this tour is a fortnight. The itinerary from Lyon to Arles seems to mirror that of Savoring France, but I wouldn't mind returning to Provence at all. The region north of Lyon seems intriguing. I could do without Monoco, but I'm sure the hotel there would be nice, but perhaps a bit too ostentatious for my taste. I love ending in Geneva, however.

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    This tour looks really interesting but I'm like you, kfnknfzk, I'm not a fan of Monaco (nor of Cannes) but the thing is that there are so many places to explore and trains or uber are easy to do on the Riviera. You might consider skipping Monaco and do something else. Nice is deserving of more than a few hours but think of going to villages like Menton and so many other places. Lots of great museums on the Riviera and the Rothschild's home and gardens are lovely.

    The areas between Lyon and Beaune look intriguing. We've spent three days in Lyon - so much to do there. at least they will be docked for the night in Lyon although that blurs a bit when the farewell dinner and entertainment are then.

    This trip is on my list of possible tours next year. I wish there were fewer summer slots and some in May and September.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, the moores. I took a closer look at the itinerary and see that I can avoid Monaco altogether by selecting the other excursion. Like you we love Lyon; just wish more time was offered there. Overall, it looks like a great tour. Perhaps in 2025 they will offer more spring and fall departures.

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    We were on the waitlist back in August and fortunately were notified in October we were on this trip. Very excited. Anyone else going?

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    edited July 18

    We are on La Belle Vie Aug 29, 2024 from Cannes to Geneva. Received our final documents today. It sounds great.

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    Booked into La Belle Vie Oct. 2025 and hoping to learn more about the excursion that are being offered for those currently doing the 2024 season.
    Tauck web site Details are vague. Looking for more.

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