Ponant smartphone app for Tauck guests

We are doing the Legendary Scottish Isles cruise/tour on the Ponant Le Dumont-d'Urville in May.

I am interested in knowing if the Ponant smartphone app from Ponant is used by the Tauck guests. This is our first time on a Ponant ship. Perhaps someone who has been on a Tauck trip on a Ponant ship can comment.


  • We did not use the Ponant app for our Iceland Tauck tour in July, 2021. That said, it could be something new. Perhaps people with more recent experiences will weigh in.

  • Smiling Sam - How was it travelling with Ponant?  We met a lady that travelled with them on a Tauck tour and said she wasn't impressed with Ponant and would not travel with them again.   She mentioned that they really cater to their own clientele which are mostly French. 

  • We have traveled on Ponant four times with Tauck. They do a nice job. They do everything in French and English. On a Tauck trip the Tauck guests are managed primarily by the Tauck TD’s. The Tauck guests have the Premium drink package, and the Ponant guests have the Standard beverage package. We have always been treated very well on Ponant, and it was never apparent that any group was being given better service. The management personnel are all French, but the ‘service’ people come from everywhere, and they speak several languages including French and English.

  • We completed a Tauck tour on Ponant at the end of January, as far as we know there is no Ponant’s app and the Tour directors obviously didn’t.
    We have taken 3 cruises with Tauck/Ponant now. Two were all Tauck guests, the last one had 54 Tauck and the remainder French. That Actually worked out better as our groups were smaller.
    There is a Tauck specific itinerary left on the bed when you return from dinner every night.

  • Noreen - Smiling Sam - How was it travelling with Ponant?

    We had no issue at all traveling on a tour that was part Tauck guests and part Ponant guests. All of our interactions were with Tauck ship manager (Tauck liaison with Ponant) and Tauck tour directors. The only real interaction between the two types of clients (Tauck vs Ponant) was during meals. All excursions were Tauck or Ponant specific.

  • I’ve been on 3 Tauck/Ponant tours. I agree with Sealord, Smiling Sam, and British. I would go on one again again.

  • We are on a Tauck/Ponant cruise early October. Treasures of the Mediterranean. Might it be an advantage in some instances that I speak French? Or are all the Tauck TD’s English speakers?

  • All the Tauck tour directors will speak English.

  • I will be on the Ponant ship Le Soleal for the Japan cruise in the next few weeks. Our traveler information did not mention anything about a Ponant app and when I sailed with them last year in the Med there was no app.

  • Most of the officers are French and so are the entertainers, but they all speak excellence English. The remaining staff are generally from Indonesia.

  • I feel much better now about travelling with Ponant as I trust and value your opinions. Thank you!

  • My guess on the Ponant app is that it is just for those who have booked directly with Ponanat and not Tauck. There is an app for both iPhone and Android. The iPhone app can be seen here.

    A copy of what they say the app can do is below. Similar to what most cruise line apps do.

  • John, most of the things you mention do not apply to the Tauck voyage. Tauck specifically tell you to ignore the Ponant itineraries while others are on the trip or you will be totally confused. It might be useful to know who the Captain is from my own perspective as I have met three of the captains. The location of the ship would also be interesting. The cabin amenities might also be more detailed, I don’t know that one.

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