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I am looking for input on the cabins in Ms Treasure. We have decided on this river trip and I am down to picking cabin. We have never river cruised and only one ocean cruise. Cat 2 is bottom level but 33 sq ft bigger. Cat 3 is small at 150 but with a full window but in back of the boat. Is Cat 4 on Ruby deck at $1300 difference worth it? I'm not being cheap but more looking at how much time we actually spend in room and I don't want this to make or break a great experience. We are on our 4th Tauck trip and after business class etc. just want to spend wisely. Thanks in advance for any input on your experience on this vessel!!


  • I would recommend the Ruby deck for you. Opt for the middle of the river boat if you can. I believe the Ruby deck is 225 sq ft. It’s not how much time you will spend on your cabin, it’s how comfortable you will be and what you’re used to. My husband and I require ample space without going overboard with price. We’ve been in the Ruby deck cabins a few times. We have friends who love the loft style cabins too.

  • If possible, avoid the bottom level. Just my opinion.

  • I wholeheartedly agree with OurTravels34 insofar as to comfort levels, especially being able to move through the cabin easily. This is especially true for individuals who may have some moderate mobility issues. It is nice, however, to have the large, floor-to-ceiling windows to look out of while sipping a glass of wine before dinner. It's a personal choice. No matter your decision, have a wonderful trip.

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    We did this cruise on the Treasure and were on the Ruby deck. I agree with the other posts, especially since you’ll be onboard for 2 weeks. It’s worth the extra.

  • Mary, I understand the cost vs benefit analysis. Especially tricky picking something unknown. Here's my view (after 5 river cruises in 4 different cabin types). For short cruises of a week it doesn't matter a whole lot because as others have said you're not in the cabin very long except for dressing and sleeping. The way the itineraries are arranged you're pretty busy all day. On longer cruises, such as your's, there is down time where you're just cruising and the extra space can be very nice especially if one or both of your need some time away from the crowd.

    Our first cruise was a 150 sqft cabin on a one week cruise. The Cat 3 is what we had for that cruise but it was back when almost all the Ruby Deck were that size cabins before Tauck/Scylla re-engineered them to have the bigger Cat 5s. It was fine though dressing could be a challenge as the closet, bathroom and cabin doors all open into the same small space. There isn't really anywhere to sit except the bed or a small wicker chair. Drawback to the Cat 3 is proximity to the main engines if you're noise sensitive and you're the furthest walking distance from everything except Arthurs - handy for early morning coffee and snacks.

    My sister and BIL have taken 2 cruises in the Cat 2 cabin and they were fine with it though they much preferred their Loft cabin which sadly isn't available on the Treasures.

    We have taken 1 long cruise in the Cat 4 and it was excellent except for some minor noise issues which I suspect may have been unique to our cruise. It's got the large windows, a couple of chairs, the bed is at an angle so plenty of room to move around. The bathroom is a bit cosy but larger than the Cat 1.

    No matter what you chose, it will be a wonderful tour. We loved it. If you haven't been to Budapest or Amsterdam, there is lots to see in both cities and I'd recommend extra day(s) there.

  • Thank you for sharing your opinions!

  • I always book Cabin 105 and friends are in nearby cabins. We were on the MS Treasure in April 2017. 105 is in the middle of the riverboat and I have never been disappointed. I spend a great deal of time in the lounge reading or enjoying the view. The riverboat usually docks behind the Amsterdam train station from which buses and trams depart. My friend asked the Concierge at the Sofitel Legend The Grand for a recommendation for a good chocolate shop. We walked to Puccini and bought really great chocolates. Puccini also has a small cozy coffee shop that makes delicious hot chocolate. Our next stop was a short walk to Rembrandt‘s house. Amsterdam has so many interesting things to and agree that extra days would a great idea. Have a great time.

  • Only you can know if the $1300 difference is worth it.
    We still have to save and budget for Tauck trips - so, for us, that $1300 will partially buy a plane ticket to Europe or allow us to stay another week in Europe and pay for our Hotel.
    SO -- I'll take a different approach -- as we always book the cheapest Cat 1 (unless we can get the Cat 3 LOFT CABINS - which are our favorite, but, unfortunately, MS Treasure doesn't have the LOFT cabins).

    We just don't have the money for anything above the LOFT cabins. We both still work full time and take care of my mom.
    We have stayed in the lower cabins/Cat 1, 6 times and while they are smaller, they are super comfy (if it's all your budget allows).
    You're on a River Cruise in Europe - it is spectacular either way.
    The bathrooms are small which is why we go for the LOFT cabins if available.
    That said, we are only in the room to sleep, shower, and dress. We hang out in the lounge or on the sundeck.
    I do agree that for 2 weeks, bigger would be nicer - but it's really about what you can afford.
    We are just happy to be able to travel with Tauck and are willing to take a smaller room to be able to stay longer over there OR use the money for another trip. But we are all in a different boat financially.

    We feel fortunate to be able to travel with Tauck once or twice a year and we prefer to spend our money on staying longer in Europe pre or post cruise than on a room. So, if you can budget a bigger, more expensive cabin, go for it - but if you can't, know that we have loved, enjoyed, slept well in the Cat 1 cabins MANY times.

    I'd look at the bathroom size over the actual room size, as the bed is comfy either way and there is plenty of storage either way.
    We've done 6 river cruises with Tauck -with 2 more booked in 2023 and 2024 - we've stayed on the bottom, at the back, and at the front of Tauck, Uniworld, AMA, and Viking and have always slept well.

    As kfnfnfzk said above, it'll be great either way. If the $1300 isn't a big deal for you, go for it -- but if you'd rather use that money for something else - it's still a fabulous trip.

  • I like the cat 1 cabins. Plenty of space, compact, but for a single they are great. My husband and I booked one apiece for our next cruise. He gets his own bath and I get mine. I get up really early so it works. Different strokes for different folks

  • Choc

    I like the cat 1 cabins. Plenty of space, compact, but for a single they are great. My husband and I booked one apiece for our next cruise. He gets his own bath and I get mine. I get up really early so it works. Different strokes for different folks

    Great response!! It made my day!! B):D:)B)

  • Two cat one’s … clever. Too bad they don’t have connecting rooms. We decided to try the Cat 3 on Emerald. Right next to Arthur’s for morning coffee, and outside access at Arthur’s and the sundeck and whirlpool. I’m pretty sure there is a public bathroom right outside of Arthur’s that should be convenient occasionally.

  • Choc; you put an interesting thought in my head. That’s definitely a brilliant idea. I would love my own bathroom and closet. Men and women shouldn’t share bathrooms and closets anyway but that’s my thinking after being married for so long.

  • Anybody see a run on Cat 1 cabins comin? It's brilliant. You get the same sqft as a Cat 7 suite, 2 bathrooms, plenty of storage and if one is napping or snoring the other can go to the other room. It loses on romance and the smaller windows but a big win on space and price.

  • Love that idea as well!!!

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