Le Jacques Carter Dinner dress code for men? Jacket and tie?

The Tauck brochure advises that the international travelers on this cruise might be more formally dressed for dinner than what Americans might be accustomed to. It specifically mentions jacket and tie for the first dinner at the Marriott in Venice and also for the Captain’s dinner.

If you’ve been on this cruise can you tell me if this is actually the case for the Tauck tour group? My husband usually brings a nice shirt but not jacket and/or tie. But he’ll pack these items if necessary. It’s just that we like to travel light. Would he be the only one on the Tauck tour without jacket and tie?

Thanks for any advice you can offer..


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    No, definitely not. We did a mixed Tauck and French small ship and the French in the main were very casual. There may be some jackets but not everyone would have them.

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    I did this tour in 2016. I fell in the middle category for the Captain's dinner. I wore a jacket but no tie.

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    Thanks so much for these helpful comments.

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