Normandy Brittany and the Loire Valley

I am scheduled on the May 21st tour, but arriving early on the 20th. Just checking to see if Tauck offers breakfast for those arriving day before tour starts. I doubt my room will be available as early as my scheduled arrival, so any ideas of activities for an airplane weary traveler waiting for my room. Thanks


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    If you booked the extra day through Tauck, breakfast should be included. If you booked independently, you're on your own. Fantastic tour. Enjoy.

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    As to what to do - you can walk a few blocks into Versailles city and find an ATM if you want some euros, do some shopping, etc. You can also walk into the Versailles estate grounds thru the Queens Gate right next to the hotel parking lot. You don't need a ticket for the grounds or gardens (gardens are generally free on weekdays). Most of the estate doesn't require a ticket. The concierge can provide you a map and information. Save the chateau and the Trianon complex for the next day if Tauck is providing a ticket. Again, talk to the concierge.

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    If you are asking whether Tauck provides breakfast on the 20th when you arrive, I don’t think so. They do provide breakfast on the 21st after your overnight stay at the hotel.

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    BSP51 is correct on breakfast. You are not an official guest until you check in in the afternoon. You will get breakfast the morning of 21 May.

    franlovestravel arrived at Versailles on Friday and started her tour today. I'm sure she will post when she has some free time. There are a few things she said so far that apply to this post.

    • She arrived at CDG, at 8:00 am. It took a long time to clear customs, retrieve her bags, meet the driver, and drive 1 - 1 1/2 hours to the Versailles hotel. Traffic can cause it to take longer. She didn't get to the hotel until 11:30

    • As many have said in the past, Versailles is huge! Don’t over plan your visit or underestimate the amount of walking required. There is so much to see and lines to the bathrooms or to grab a bite can take forever.

    • If you have time, take the 1.5 hour (English language) King's apartment tour. You see a lot places not available otherwise.

    • Restaurants in town close between 2:30 and 6:30. She wasn’t hungry for lunch when she arrived and ended up eating at the only place that was open-the hotel bar.

    We go in just under two months, but I will start a thread soon to discuss some things we discovered during our planning and decided to do, e.g. if you are arriving two or more days early, do not rely on the free, 1 day, "Passport" ticket, instead get a "1 Year in Versailles" pass (single or duo), verify what is open and what activities are available at Versailles when you are there, not everything is open or operating every day, etc. etc.

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    Just a quick question; I am curious about the tour start time (May 21 2023). Itinerary shows 2:30pm. I’ve done a number of Tauck tours, and all started late afternoon/evening. Thanks in advance

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    The Welcome Reception is at 6:30. That 2:30 time is to allow you time to tour the palace and grounds on your own with the courtesy “Passport” ticket you get from the concierge.

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    Good to know. Thanks so much

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    We just completed, 4/14-27/2023, the Northern Spain & Rioja Valley tour. We arrived two days prior to the official beginning of the Tauck tour. We booked the hotel through Tauck. I assume because the room was booked through Tauck, yes, breakfast was included those 2 extra days. Breakfast buffets in every "Tauck hotel" was outstanding!!

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