The Arctic; not Antarctica

Since I am sitting home with Covid right now and idling away the time on the internet, I am just curious and wondering if any of you have been on a tour to view the Northern Lights? It's on my bucket list and something great to view. This crowd on the forum seems to be more or less tour-oriented instead of independently traveling. Just wondering if anyone had any brilliant suggestions for this type of adventure. Maybe Tauck will add this to their list of destinations one day. Any information would be appreciated.


  • CathyandSteve, I agree with you. I am determined to see the aurora borealis even if it means just going to Alaska where there is fantastic viewing. I also prefer Tauck but they don't seem to wander far north. My research is still continuing.

  • Try Iceland in Winter. I’ve been to Iceland but not in winter but I know people who have been to see them there. There are tours that will guarantee that you will see them.

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    There are companies who will take you to Iceland in the winter to see the Northern Lightrs (aurora borealis). Some friends did that.
    I never researched it but I'm sure there are some well regarded tour companies who do that.

  • The problem - you need darkness to see the aurora, and when the weather is conducive to travelling up there, it's daylight/dusk 24/7.

    The next few years should be a good time to go. The 11 year sunspot cycle is heading towards its peak and that's when the solar conditions are more disturbed and northern lights are more common, even not so far north as the Arctic. A good website with info about the sun, with a picture of where the aurora is currently active is

    BTW, I spent a summer in Maine many years ago and saw the Northern Lights while there.

  • My neighbor went with IcelandAir. They had a tour of the Northern Lights and she really enjoyed it. I am not sure if they still do this tour. They provided warm clothes which she said were needed as it was very cold.

  • I am fortunate to see auroras in the winter from Scandinavia, particularly in Norway. It is always a remarkable experience.

  • Our last trip preCovid (ie February 2020) was to Finland to see the Northern Lights. We traveled with a group offering experiences in 4 different countries…the Aurora Zone. We stayed in the igloo dome cabins, ate in a big lodge, not a group per se but turn key from when we arrived at Gatwick til our return. Played with husky puppies…fun experiences every day. Loved every moment. If you’ve been to Antarctica like we have, we had the clothes, the bright red jacket. It was chilly but fabulous.

  • We are booked on Coastal Norway to the arctic region with guaranteed Northern lights among other experience.Surely you can see Northern lights from many places;this year even in areas in the US not necessarily in the Norht.Tauck does not offer tours as far North in Norway as the other trip we are booked on.Ourtravels : if you need info message me because I am not sure it is proper to mention other companies in this forum!

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