Westbound 28 August 2023 - Edinburgh to Glasgow

For our 50th anniversary, we are taking this trip of a lifetime. We have been to Edinburgh before and look forward to seeing more of it. Our bigger planning question is, how to pack for the Islands? Raincoats, foul weather jackets, wool sweaters? Each layer of clothing adds to the packing. The North Sea makes this a planning exercise.


  • Scotland is quite cool in August and it’s best to choose layering options. I have a Talbots raincoat with a hood which allows layering a flannel shirt and a vest. Purchase if possible thermaskins from Landsend which are very warm and worn under a top or even under pants. Thermaskins are my number one choice and don’t take up much space in a suitcase. Take a few sweaters under which the thermaskins and a flannel shirt can be worn and if it rains, then add the raincoat. Try to make are a list of what you would like to pack and coordinate the clothes to wear at least two times during the trip and this may help you. As a woman, I completely understand that we tend to pack too much. Remember that it’s not practical to pack an outfit especially for the Islands. Google the weather about 10 days before you trip is also helpful in your planning.

  • Wear at least twice lol!? This tour is only 11 days, so 2 bottoms/3-4 tops is plenty. I like skirts for travel; comfy & they don't need laundering as often. I wear everything multiple times, wash things out as needed. But then I don't get cold. Just back from France; my heaviest layer was a light sweatshirt, which I rarely wore. I had to laugh at Nice locals in puffy jackets when it was nearly 70°. You could see them shiver when the refreshing afternoon breeze blew in. Just in case, have one warm weather outfit cause you just never know these days. Enjoy!

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    Not sure about charm of the sea there, Scotland can have heatwaves too, expect with climate change, so be sure to pack for both eventualities. I lived in Glasgow for three years and never remember wearing a coat in the summer. It also stays lighter up there in the summer, lovely long evenings.

  • Another alternative for base layers are 32 Degrees clothing which you can get thru Costco, Amazon or directly from 32 Degrees website. Their base layer Ts are thin and if needed super easy to sink wash, wring in a towel and they're ready to wear the next day.

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    Your personal preference is suitable for your needs. StewCady has been to Edinburgh before and have booked this tour to celebrate their 50th anniversary. There is n

  • ( continued j There is always a wish to see as much as possible on tours. Planning ahead for the appropriate clothes to pack will allow StewCady the possibility more time to spend more time sightseeing or taking just a romantic walk in the evening instead of returning to the hotel to wash things as needed.

  • Of course personal preferences rule. I want plenty of room in my suitcase to bring back local specialties, so a few seconds rinsing out armholes is no big deal for me.

  • We are on this tour right now. Yesterday we were in the Shetland Islands and today in Orkney. Both days have been in the low 50’s for the highs and also high winds which makes it seem much colder. We both packed puffy down jackets and are glad we did. One thing I wish I packed is a ski cap. Most likely August will be more mild than late May.

    We will try to post a review upon our return.

  • I like the recommendation about Thermal Skins. I've got Thermal silks which should be about the same. Good call about Goggling the weather near the tour time. We were last in Edinburgh a number of years ago in August and had seats for the tattoo. The 7 days at sea will challenge our packing ability. I am reading much good advice here. Thank you.

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