Connecting to Tauck Forum while on tour

We are leaving tomorrow for the French Escapades combined with the Lisbon/Duoro/Madrid tours. In the past, I have tried to go on-line to the forum and get directed to a European Tauck forum. Is there a specific way to get to this forum when traveling?


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    I have rarely had trouble. maybe it is because I keep logged into the forum all the time. Years ago I would find I got onto the UK website, but literally that was years ago.

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    edited May 2023

    I do the same as British; if you stay logged on to the forum page, you’ll be ok…otherwise, not. What frustrates me is if I try to go to Tauck.com to view my account, I get the Tauck.co.uk site and can’t see my account.

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    You should get an VPN (Virtual Private Network) for your cell phone. While traveling internationally, the network assumes that you are back in the states. You’ll be able to access any U.S. internet sites that way without staying logged on. The below explains the benefits. https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/best-vpn-traveling-abroad/

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    One thing you might try is bookmarking the Forum when you are at home. Then when on travel access the Forum via the bookmark.

    If you try to access the Forum by typing www.tauck.com into the address box when on travel, say to the UK, you will likely get redirected to www.tauck.com.uk site which won't allow you to get to your US account.

    The 'already being logged in' suggestion might be just wishful thinking since I think you'd still have to get to the correct webpage location to access the Forum and your US account.

    Just something else to try since I'm not abroad and therefore can't run any tests.

    Good luck.

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    I don’t use my phone to connect to Tauck on vacation, I use my iPad.

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    I also bring my Ipad on trips and leave a tab open in Safari w/the Tauck forum on it so I just have to refresh and not open it new while I'm away. It has always worked fine so far.

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