Glacier Express left without us.....

Just returned from Tauck’s Switzerland (Europe’s Crown Jewel). Great itinerary. The day before we left the US, we received a letter from Tauck that the highlight of the trip (Glacier Express Trip) wouldn’t be delivered because they weren't able to get tickets. They appreciated our understanding and would offer $250 for the lost day. Spent 6+ hours in the bus instead. This doesn’t seem equitable. We weren’t given the opportunity to reschedule with such short notice.


  • Gretchen - Sorry about your lost experience.

    With respect to your disagreement about the compensation, I suggest you call Tauck directly, and if need be ask to speak with a manager or at least have your issues communicated to a manager and have the manager call you back. If you can put together a compelling case Tauck sometimes will offer some additional compensation.

    Was the compensation $250/person or total for two (assuming there were two in you party). Do you know what the Glacier Express Trip would cost if you booked it on your own? That would be a good fact to have during your discussion about compensation.

  • It's not about refunding the cost, it's about missing the experience. The Glacier Express was a highlight when we did this tour in 2019 and one of the reasons we chose this tour (along with the other trains). It's inconceivable (but apparently shouldn't be) that Tauck doesn't have these tickets booked as soon as they are available. I think most of our Tauck tours have been north of $1000 per day for 2 of us. Anything short of recompensing for the whole day would fall short in my mind...and then still not make up for the missed experience!

  • Before leaving, we quickly tried to scramble to see if we could get some tickets ourselves. Tickets were about $250/pp for the upgraded class. Not sure what class Tauck would choose. So it seems they are offering to refund the ticket cost but not the experience. The day that we had instead was a long slog of a bus ride in less than scenic places. I've written to Daniel W. Mahar, CEO to seek a better solution that keeps my trust with Tauck.

  • Tauck books 1st Class seats with lunch included at your seat. The most expensive tickets are in the Excellence Class. Since there is still a lengthy bus ride to get from the end of the train ride to Interlaken, I'm not sure how you would have connected back up.

    As I mentioned on FB, where you also posted this, Tauck warns you upfront in the Reservation Confirmation paperwork that changes to the itinerary can happen and that you'll be compensated for the amount that don't have to spend. This is what was in my paperwork for a tour we start this week:

    _Itinerary Changes and Flexibility: Tauck will make every effort to operate all tours and cruises as published. Tauck reserves the right to alter or curtail the itinerary, or substitute sightseeing, ports, hotels, and / or conveyances as deemed necessary. Any savings realized by these changes will be refunded to guests. Any added expense will be covered by Tauck.

    In the Greenbook for the same tour:

    _Expecting the Unexpected Although most destinations are once again open, we are still traveling in the time of Covid, and local closures and restrictions may still exist. Supply chain issues and labor shortages may create service challenges in some destinations. Additionally, many of our partners were deeply impacted by the long pause in travel. As a result, there may have been changes to elements in your itinerary. Please know that when a change is necessary, what won't change is our commitment to deliver the quality experience you expect when traveling with Tauck. Please take the time to carefully review the itinerary section of this document for the latest updates. We have found over the decades that last-minute changes to itineraries, regardless of the reason, often result in new discoveries and surprises that are an important part of the joy of travel. Expecting the unexpected is the best mindset for travel and the unexpected should be embraced in the spirit of adventure. _

    Complaining about it on your end of trip comment card and contacting Tauck directly is absolutely the right thing to do if you're unhappy. Nobody here or on FB can really help do anything but provide an outlet for venting.

  • I was not impressed with the Glacier Express. It was only a part day trip. If I remember correctly, the bus tour to the next spot covered incredible sceney. Your entire day was not affected and you should not expect compensation for the entire day. Maybe they will add more to your request but a $1000 is way too much, especially if you wish that for each person. Tauck incures much more expenses each day in addition to the the train ride. The meal on the GE was not so great either. I remember because I had looked forward to the ride and thought it was one of the lesser expereinces that we encountered.

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    Bucketlist, I had the same experience. Had really looked forward to the train part and it was okay but more spectacular views on the bus ride into Interlaken. I wonder if the bus took the same route on her longer ride?

    The most amazing views we got were from Harderkulm after the dinner it had drizzled slightly and there were almost 360 degrees rainbows over the valley below. Totally unexpected.

  • The same thing happened on the September 7 to 17 trip. They offered us NOTHING. After a month of pushing them, they offered a $250 voucher for use after we book another trip.

    Oh....and they arranged for us to walk through the basement of a cheese factory and said that was a suitable alternative. NOTHING but excuses. This is a Bait and Switch in my opinion.

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