Do the newer Airbus planes (A350 and 380) have defective window darkening like the 787?

I'm looking at some flight options which include some A350 and A380 planes, which I've never flown. I wonder if they have mechanical pull-down shades or electronic darkening, like the 787 which don't completely darken?


  • I looked at a few pictures and it appears the A350 has pull down shades. As does the A380.

    At least from the pictures that I saw. I base this on the handle at the top of the window, which to me implies a pull down shade.

    Here's a shot from a Singapore Airlines cabin.

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    I frequently fly on the A350 and A380 (until Air France retired their A380 fleet and sold them to other airlines). I have always had the pull down shades. The same holds true for the few 787-9s and -10s I have flown.

    Just to clarify, airlines typically but not always purchase a generic configuration then order the interior furnishings and other choices to suit their liking. It is like buying a basic model of a new home or vehicle then selecting your desired upgrades. I suggest researching the airline to determine how they configure their airbus planes. Good luck.

    Just my opinion but I much prefer airbus planes...I admit I am biased.

    Postscript - I just checked on my KLM 787-10 aircraft for my Dec flight and I do not see window shades. There is what looks like a toggle switch or push button below the window. Perhaps that is a dimmer switch or the mechanism for opening and closing the shade. I have never seen that before. I'll let you know next year!

  • kfnknfzk - Every 787 I've flown has had the non-shade, electronic darkening, and have a design defect in that they don't get 100% dark. If if you're on the side of the plane where the sun is, even when "fully darkened" you'll have an annoying orange ball shining through. On those planes, I make it a point to book a seat on the side of the plane that faces north for most of its flight (in the northern hemisphere), to avoid this issue.

  • BKMD - I agree that would be quite irritating, especially on a long-haul flight. Which carrier(s) have you experienced that on?

  • I can't recall specifically. Most recently, I've flown United, Lufthansa, Air Canada and ANA

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    The flight attendants can control any or all window shades on these aircraft. If you are having a problem, ask the flight attendant to ‘unlock’ your window shade. They do not go completely black, but close. United has told their flight attendants not to mess with the window shades.

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