Walking sticks

We’re booked on Switzerland: Crown Jewel for next year, and I’m wondering whether walking sticks are provided for any of hikes. We just returned from A Week in Provence, where we did an optional hike to the Abbaye de Sénanque near Gordes. The TD gave everyone a single pole, which proved quite useful for me. The trail was rocky and a little steep in places; even with the pole I started to slide a couple of times. I don’t know why, but I’m prone to sliding downhill. (The uphill climbs are not a problem, and I’m reasonably fit.) But given that I’m 70+, I’m determined to remain upright! I’m also looking at buying some traction devices to slip over the soles of my shoes (ones that can be used on dirt & gravel as well as snow & ice), but the poles are great, too.

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