I know and appreciate that they put in guidelines for how much to tip the tour guide and bus driver. But that means carrying even more cash with me for the duration of the trip. Does anyone know if they accept Venmo or any other cash substitute?


  • No they don't. You can, and people often do, tip in local currency you can get from an ATM in Switzerland. Fyi its Swiss Francs.

  • You really don't need much US cash other than the tip money. We got Swiss Francs out of the the ATM for incidentals. Credit cards are used everywhere. I personally wouldn't give our TD Swiss money - he's from Wales and would have to change it anyway.

  • We take US dollars but adjust to local currency if that seems better i.e. on the Scotland tour we just took we paid the coach driver's in Pound Stirling (didn't want any leftovers) but the TD was an American so she got dollars.

  • Did you tip with Scottish pounds or English pounds? Sometimes difficult to change Scottish pounds in England.
    Loved your tour review Claudia!

  • I think it was all Scottish pounds. Nothing left now but about 50 pence in coins.

  • Every time you change money you lose some. You should probably tip in dollars unless you are certain that the TD would prefer some other currency that you have. If they want a different local currency, they probably know where to get the best exchange rate.

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