Windsor Castle

This isn't specifically about a Tauck experience but I was hoping the some of you could help me & answer this question. If you take the train to Windsor Castle how far is the actual castle entrance (not just the walk to get to the grounds)? I have read some incredible statements that the walk is 2 miles or more until you get to the entrance into the castle. Can anyone confirm or refute that? Thanks so much!


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    It is a long time since I was there. If it is a long way, think Uber or taxi. I would opt for Uber. No idea whether you have to book tickets in advance for this visit but if it is August it will be busy there.
    I just googled how far is it from Windsor station to Windsor castle, so much help out there, there are two stations. We visited by car years ago. Google and you will find all sorts of info and how best to suit your needs. Enjoy!

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    Easy walk from Windsor & Eton Central Station. 0.3 miles; 5 minutes

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    When we did it year ago I was surprised at how close it was. "The nearest train station to the castle is Windsor Central Station. You can get off the train at Windsor Central Station and walk to the gates of Windsor Castle within 4 minutes."

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    See it visually via Google Maps.

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    That's a different station, Sam. I believe most people come into Windsor & Eton Central, which is even closer.

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    A little further checking. The Great Western Railway (GWR) runs trains to Windsor & Eton Central Station from Paddington. The South Western Railway (SWR) runs trains from Waterloo to Windsor & Eton Riverside Station.

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    Get there for the changing of the guard if you can. It’s not every day. The parade from the barracks to the castle is worth dealing with the crowds on the sidewalk.

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