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We'll be in London with Tauck at the end of September and I'm checking concerts and theater on our extra days. Tauck offers a theater choice - anyone know what that might be? Mark Rylance is in a play that I'd love to see. Also, suggestions of concert venues appreciated. We once heard the Boy Choir in Westminster, sitting near Darwin and Newton's gravestones. :-) Thank you all!


  • I love Mark Rylance, one of my favorite actors, think I’ve seen him in three plays.
    I looked up the play he is in and lo and behold it’s about Dr Semmelweis. I have the book about him called the Cry and the Covenant. Must be forty years ago I got the book. As a former midwife it was almost required reading. Back in those days Drs would attend and do post mortems and then head straight to delivering babies without washing their hands. No one would believe him when he made the connection to the high maternal mortality rates compared to babies born under the care of midwives. I also have a painting of him. Millions of women’s lives could have been saved if others had listened to him. The play I’m sure will be very somber but I would love to see it. I wonder if there is any chance it will come to the US.

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    After our Tauck Scottish Isles cruise, we flew to London on our own for a few days. We enjoy going to the theater when we are there and picked the new musical "Mrs Doubtfire". I found it to be enjoyable and funny.

  • You may know this, Mazalea, but you can get reduced price tickets at the booth in Leicester Square on the day of the performance. Not all shows are available, so if there's something you definitely want to see, like the Mark Rylance play, get that in advance and enjoy other performances at reduced prices. Have you been to the lunchtime performances at St. Martin-in-the-Fields? They're free, but pass the plate for donations. (At least that was the case the last time I was there -- in 2019. Time to go back!)

  • It depends on which tour you're on. For the England Scotland Wales tour at the start the TD gave us a form with about 10 shows and several restaurants for pre theater dinners. You picked and ranked 3 shows and 3 restaurants. Most everyone got there choice.

  • That makes sense about the ranked choices, and apparently fairly broad selection. Appreciate the St. Martin info as well. Thank you!

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