2023 reviews?

Has any taken this this trip this year? Would love to hear comments on hotels and places visited. TIA


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    Just booked the May 27, 2024 trip. Anyone else going?

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    Hi @bocelli ! Sorry for not replying sooner.

    We took this trip in April -May 2023. It was delightful -- very few tourists in the region made for a relaxing holiday. Our TD organized a couple of nice surprises -- including a pasta making class at a cheese farm. The highlights for me were Matera -- which blew my mind! -- and our visit to an ancient olive farm, where we had some fun entertainment and a lovely dinner.


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    Thanks so much for sharing your comments. Just getting back to things after the busy holiday season. We have a pre and post day for the tour.
    Any recommendations on our extra last day. Was
    Sofia your TD.

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    If it is the same Sofia, we had her for Treasures of the Aegean in 2022. She was great!

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    I’m booked solo on the May 15 trip - really looking forward to it! ~~~~ thanks for the good reviews! Ooh - I’m a senior, and it indicates level 3 and “should be able to walk 2-3 miles” - is that in one stretch, or just over the course of a morning or afternoon? Thanks!

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    JASS, I looked on the Health app on my phone to check our walking steps from when we were there in Spring 2022. Most of the steps we put in for that trip were done on our own time, so I think you will be ok. However, please keep in mind that to really enjoy Matera it would be best to spend time walking up and down the stone steps, which are not always horizontal and are very slippery after centuries of use. Bring your best non-slip walking shoes. There should be plenty of places to stop and sit if you need to, during the time you are on your own, but there is uneven terrain everywhere On our first morning with the group, we were driven around for about an hour in the "tuk-tuks", the 3-wheeled golf-cart-like vehicles, so that saved some walking. It would be interesting to find out if you could hire a tour guide to take you around in one of those on your own time, if you don't feel comfortable managing on your feet. At least you might see more of the city, which in my opinion is Venice-level jaw-dropping. Alberobello is also quite hilly and to get the most enjoyment, you will want to walk up a bit to get the views of the trulli.

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    Of course you wouldn't miss what you didn't experience but, the Silky Oaks is tied with the Serengeti Four Seasons. I absolutely love that hotel. I live on the beach at the Gulf of Mexico so I never go to beaches or pools while I am on vacation. However, the pool is so beautiful I actually sat by it. It was the only interesting and unique hotel in Australia.

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    Wan - so helpful!! I am usually so certain of trips and can easily do cobblestones, etc - but steps are slow for me. I don’t want to be a burden to the trip, nor blow the knee out finally! (Curses on thee, arthritis! Ha!). I’ll be sure to report back after the trip! Thanks!

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