Naples Capri Amalfi

going sep 13 so excited ....stupid question first timer with Tauck.....how are the hotel rooms do we get Seaview rooms can we request rooms with views? looking forward to food wine and beach!!!!!


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    Rooms are allocated by the hotel.. You can always ask on arrival but it’s pretty random , sometimes you get a great room compared to others and sometimes you don’t. On most tours you only sleep in the room anyway. Not hang out in it, especially Italy.

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    thanks for the warm reply...

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    Just stating the reality.I think this was our first Tauck tour. One room, it was a typical small Italian boutique type hotel, our room had two bathrooms and one had a floor to ceiling window right by the toilet overlooking the sea. Others complained they had small Rooms. These days Tauck tends to stay at big name generic hotels so everyone gets similar room types. Back then, most meals were included and people were saying they would prefer to be able to chose to eat on their own at their own choice of restaurants which is what happens these days too.

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    When I went to Australia / NZ this year, in Auckland my room faced the street, I believe that was my 26th tour, other guest traveling with Tauck a few times had harbor view rooms. Is the hotel that assigns the rooms not Tauck and I look at it from the point of view that I spend very little time in the room.

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