We are preparing for our first Tauck tour this summer. How is luggage handled on the CR & GNP tour? Is it practical to plan for laundry? Is there a suitcase size restriction? Sure would appreciate some insight from those with experience on this tour!


  • All the information about luggage you will find on the page for the tour. It’s a great tour!
    Tauck handles all your luggage from beginning to end, just one big piece each, which is plenty for this tour. . You handle your small carry on yourself, ideally should be small enough for under your seat or in the overhead bus rack if you want access to it during the day. Some TD’s are happy to have you bring carry on down yourself and put it under the bus, but you must tell them so baggage numbers are correct. Some TD’s are not as accommodating.

  • Go to Taucks website and navigate to the page for your tour - click on the three green bars in the upper left corner, select Destinations, then Canada, then Rockies and you'll get a list which will include your tour. Scroll down past the dates/prices and you'll find Travel Requirements For This Tour. You'll find info on luggage and other info.

  • Thank you for your help! We are looking forward to the tour!

  • You're welcome. It takes a bit of a learning curve to find information on the Tauck website but worth the effort.

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