Duffel Bags - Great Migration

Received our bags today, a generous 30x15x14" bag with wheels.


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    How much does it weigh when it is empty. When we did an Africa tour we packed the empty tote in our checked luggage until it was needed. Ours didn't have wheels, nor a handle for pulling, so it was much easier to pack in the checked luggage than this version will be.

    You might have to use it as its own checked bag from the start. I forget the normal airline carry on bag size restrictions. Do the dimension of this bag meet the normal airline carry on bag requirements?

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    edited August 2023

    This wheeled duffel is too big to be used as a carry-on. See AA photo of max size carry-on below.

    The old Eagle Creek duffel can be used as a carry-on so long as you don’t ‘stuff it’. Loosely packed it makes it just fine.

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    This is the only checked bag we are permitted on the trip. Most of our days are at mobile camps, so our luggage is restricted the entire time. We'll only be taking the provided dufffel and a small backpack as our luggage (per person). Sealord is correct - it is too large for carry-on, so it will need to be checked. It weighs about 6lb empty.

    To minimize the risk from lost baggage, I plan to pack the duffel and make sure everything I plan to take fits. Then I will take some clothing out of the main duffel and put it into a smaller collapsible bag that I will take as my carry-on on the plane in addition to my small backpack. Then, after we arrive (hopefully with our checked duffel) I will reconsolidate the carry-on bag into the wheeled duffel for the duration of the trip. At least that's the plan - I'll let everyone know how it goes in practice after our return in October

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    Here is what it says on the. Web page which is a bit different from another section which says it is to be your main luggage piece. You basically can’t take any other bag from day 2 to 9 of the ten day tour.

    I would also like to know what the bag weighs, it must be a couple of pounds heavier in comparison to one without wheels.and handle. . I’ve taken a similar length AFRICA tour with provided wheeled duffel as my only luggage in the past which was adequate for all my stuff, but by the end of the tour it had a hole in it because it was not a rigid shape, the bottom tended to sag along the ground when being pulled along which is why several of the bags ended up the same way. A roll of duct tape was suggested. It was also suggested to put your stuff in a large plastic bag within the duffel. Which you can’t do now as no plastic bags of any kind are allowed in the countries.

    I also noted it says, transports provided ONLY to and from airport and hotel and visa versa. In view of the recent discussions about Tauck being less flexible about a car service, maybe going forward. all tour documents are saying the sa,e.

    Here is the extract….

    TAUCK AIRPORT TRANSFERS are included at the start and end of the journey between the airport and the Tauck hotel. Airport transfers are available for any pre tour or post tour hotel stays immediately consecutive to the tour, providing flight information is received in the Tauck office no later than three weeks in advance. Details on locating your transfer upon arrival to the tour start city will be included in your final documents.

    AIRLINES and CHECKED LUGGAGE: Due to space limitations during your Tauck journey, we ask that you please limit your checked luggage to one average-size suitcase per person. Besides complying with the Tauck restriction noted above, you should also be sure to research and comply with all airline baggage restrictions relating to your flights to and from your Tauck journey. Airlines have become much more strict in enforcing size and weight limits in recent years, and are free to revise luggage policies without notice. Researching and complying with airline luggage restrictions is the responsibility of the guest, and Tauck cannot be held responsible for any costs or disruptions to travel caused by the failure to research and comply with airline policies. PLEASE NOTE that if you are booked on a tour that includes on-tour flights, the checked luggage weight restrictions for these flights may be lower than the weight restrictions for your international flights.

    Special Luggage Restrictions for this Tour

    To help in your packing, Tauck will provide each guest with a large rolling duffel bag. The duffel bag has been specially designed to provide more than adequate space for essential items needed while on safari on days 2-9. Please pack light and bring ONLY the Tauck-issued duffel bag with you on safari.

    Strict limitations on our on-tour flights require that each guest take only one piece of soft-sided luggage (the duffel bag) weighing no more than 44 pounds, or 20 kilograms. Carry-ons can be up to 16 pounds of 7 kilograms. This weight limit includes all camera equipment. Soft-sided luggage is required to ensure your piece fits into irregularly shaped luggage compartments.

    For all guests, both domestic and international, the duffel bag will be sent to your home and should arrive approximately two weeks prior to your departure for Africa.

    Tauck luggage tags will be provided by your Tauck Director on Day 1 of your itinerary. Please do not attach a Tauck luggage tag to any carry-on items, as the Tauck tags designate luggage that is to be handled and transferred by ground operators and hotel staff during your journey.

    Carry-on Luggage - General

    For your day-to-day travel while on tour, we recommend that you limit your hand luggage to a small, soft-sided carry-on piece, and that you bring only those items you need handy during the day such as make-up, medications, valuables, cameras, film, etc. Items too large to fit under the seat must be stored in the luggage truck, and will be inaccessible during daytime travel

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    The letter that accompanied the duffels did reiterate it will be our only checked luggage. Days 1 and 10 are just arrival and departure days, nothing is truly scheduled.

    As I said above, it weighs about 6lb empty.

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