My Packing Lessons Learned (or learning)



  • Yep, the tiny ziplocs here. I put the day and date on each. I also take about a weeks worth spare in separate labeled bags just in case of delays. Like British I print off my list from Mychart in case something happens and medical or pharmacy need it. I also fill mini bags with extra OTC drugs as needed. Everything fits in a sandwich Ziploc along with 1 bottle of eye drops and 1 nasal spray since meds don't have to be in your 311.

    One advantage is I can get everything ready in my bags leaving out that day's pills with my toothbrush til after breakfast. Going to Europe no one has ev

  • When I go to Western Europe, I just put my pills in a zip-lock bag (the pills all look different, so I can tell which is which). I take photos of each pill in front of its bottle, but have never had to use the photos. When I go to more exotic locations, I bring the prescription medicines in the original bottles (I don't care if OTC meds get confiscated). The only time I had an issue was when I was leaving the LaPaz airport after the Tauck tour that combined Peru and Bolivia, which they may not offer any more. The security woman looked askance at the prescription bottles, and shook them, and looked at me carefully and quizzically. Nothing more. It was very weird. By the way, since the Covid shutdown, I bring an extra 2 weeks' worth of pills, just in case I'm stuck in quarantine.

  • I am a packing cubes devotee. After having ordered several sets of packing cubes, I have discovered I really need more of the larger size, so I just order those.
    When we depart for a trip, I mix my husband and my clothes between our two suitcases. Once we arrive at our destination, the packing cubes make the switch back to his and her suitcases very easy. Prior to the trip my husband lays out his 3 or 4 pair of shorts on the guest bed. Then he adds the 3 or 4 golf shirts that go with each pair of shorts. I pack each cube with the short and coordinating tops. The smaller cubes handle undies, socks, and hankies. His dress shirts go together in a large cube. His dress slacks and sport coat go in a dry cleaner bag. The ratio of tops to bottoms changes depending on the length and type of tour.
    This system has completely solved him putting together garish combinations. :/
    I follow the same system with my packing.

  • You’re lucky your husband isn’t colorblind like mine!!!

  • My usual backpack is a Vera Bradley one. Noticed a larger one on sale this week and decided to give it a try. It’s called a Lay flat Travel backpack and it arrived today.pretty pattern. It opens right up like a clamshell suitcase, with lots of other compartments. It is a little heavier empty than my original but I’ve already packed it up for our trip next week with plenty of spare room. When I put my iPad and meds and iPhone in it, I’ll be weighing it to see how it compares.

  • Let me know please. I have the same backpack

  • Choc, I’ll report back on my experience with the bag for those who like backpacks rather than rolling carry on bags. My tour requires 6 overnights with just the backpack traveling on train and walking, so I hope it works out.

  • I happen to enjoy the backpacks from Le SportsSac. They weigh ounces and contain so much.

  • We just returned from 2 weeks in Ireland followed by a 10-day river cruise. I didn’t even think to pack cough syrup or throat lozenges. Got a nasty cold in Bern and trying to describe cough syrup to the pharmacy in Bern was fun. After some playing of charades, we had it figured out. Got back to the hotel and realized there were NO english instructions! The gal at the front desk of our hotel was nice enough to read it to me. Totally different from our cough syrup - you gargled with it before swallowing it. Next year I will remember some😊.

  • Go with the lozenges and buy liquid abroad if you need it. Now that you know charades, it should be a piece of cake!

  • I would take a picture of my cough medicine, etc before leaving. Show that to the pharmacist.

  • Never taken cough syrup. If you cough on a trip these days, everyone gives you a wide berth for sure. Lozenges are certainly a good idea.

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