India outbreak of Nipah virus

Anyone know how Tauck handles these outbreak concerns? This virus has a 75-90% fatality rate and has been found in the Kerela region of which Portrait of India travels to . We are supposed to be on the October tour. Any thoughts?


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    edited September 2023

    It’s not a new virus and has been reported there before, just a snippet from the CDC

    In areas where Nipah virus (NiV) outbreaks have occurred (Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, and Singapore), people should:

    Practice handwashing regularly with soap and water
    Avoid contact with sick bats or pigs
    Avoid areas where bats are known to roost
    Avoid eating or drinking products that could be contaminated by bats, such as raw date palm sap, raw fruit, or fruit that is found on the ground
    Avoid contact with the blood or body fluids of any person known to be infected with NiV

    TAUCK will likely do nothing, it’s just not that prevalent as of now. I’d be more worried about Delhi bellie

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    Damn, playing with sick bats is my favorite hobby.

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    Sounds batty to me!

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