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My itinerary package doesn’t explain the particulars of dining on your own. Are you given a stipend for included meals or special Tauck menu when there isn’t a group dinner?


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    It depends. If a meal is not listed, then it is on your own wherever you like at your expense. The TD generally
    gives restaurant suggestions.
    If a meal is listed, it may mean eating at a given restaurant whatever time you like, or a choice of restaurants that Tauck provides, again, at a time of your liking. Or it might be a group dinner where you all eat together with a set dinner with a couple of choices.

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    British, thanks. The itinerary shows included dinners on your own at your choice of the hotel restaurants. I was looking if they provided guidelines.

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    Jim, on nights when it's dining on your own in the hotel restaurant the TD will make reservations based on when and who you want to eat with (if any). The restaurant staff usually asks your name and/or room number when you come in They know to charge it to Tauck. Whatever menu they hand you that's the one you pick from. Most often it's just the standard restaurant menu. On a few occasions we have been given a menu with slightly fewer or different choices but that has been very rare. Order what ever you want from the menu. Sometimes in Europe the TD has let us know beforehand if wine or beer were included. If not assume it isn't.

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    Claudia, perfect. Precisely what I wanted to know. Thank you for the information.

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