Ms inspire phone adaptors

Ms inspire, what phone adaptors do I need to bring?


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    There is one U S type outlet in each cabin

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    BSP51, do you recall where the US type outlet was located? Is it helpful, for those from the US, to have international adapters elsewhere in the room?

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    edited September 2023

    Look for my post, it tells where, what type and includes a photos. There is at least one 5.0 V USB-A port, but there are numerous standard US 120VAC receptacles where you can plug in your charger module.

    Found it, here is a link to my post: https://forums.tauck.com/discussion/comment/84633/#Comment_84633 Scroll down to the electrical outlet photos. It shows 120V outlets and at the 2:00 O'clock position one European 22V outlet is a 5.0volt USB-A port (above the right night table in our cabin.) If you have a newer iPhone, it may have a USB-C plug which is not compatible with a USB-A, so you will need to use your power module.

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    We always bring adapters even though the river cruise cabins have U.S.outlets, European, and USB. It allows maximum use of the outlets and are often needed if your trip includes hotel stays where U.S.outlets tend not to be available and even European ones might not be in the most convenient locations. You can spend anywhere from a couple of bucks on up. Amazon has tons of choices and most big box stores have them.

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