Dinner in Rio - October 15 or 17 for Tauck starting October 16

We are arriving on the 15th of October and have an evening for dinner both then and the 17th. If anyone is interested in joining us, please let us know. There are a few places that likely require early reservations,


  • Patty - We’re up for either the 15th or 17th. There are three in our party (our niece is traveling with us). There is an Italian restaurant about 1 block from our hotel, La Trattoria, that is reasonably priced and gets decent reviews. Don’t know about reservation requirements. In addition, it looks like there are at least two or three restaurant options in the Copacabana Palace.

    When do you arrive on the 15th? Our flight gets in at 8:05 AM.

    You can PM me if you’re interested.

    Thanks for the offer.

  • There’s a great shoe store in Rio that I bumped into by accident a handful of years before Covid. All summer shoes should be on sale now since it is opposite seasons. It’s called Arezzo, and I remember it is walkable from the Marriott hotel. I found them attractive and affordable.

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    The tour doesn’t stay in the Marriot. It stays in the Copacabana Palace.

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