Men's long sleeve travel shirt

Hi everyone, a comment on another thread gave me the idea to ask, but I am looking for new travel shirts for my husband. He likes the long sleeve, quick-dry button-down shirts with the zipper chest pocket that has the button flap covering the horizontal zipper. His favorite brand, Ex-Officio, does not seem to be making them anymore and we have checked Amazon, where I found only one in his size, and I've also checked Colombia, REI, LL Bean, LandsEnd and Eddie Bauer. ScottEVest has a version but not optimal and it is $140. Waiting for Clothing Arts but they are not in stock til end of November. Amazon and Google searches not bringing up anything else. Has anyone found these shirts anywhere in the past year?


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    I have three of these Gray. They hold up well, dry quickly. No zippers under the flap but a hidden zipper pocket which hides things well.

  • Try Drake shirts. Long and short sleeves with a zippered pocket, sometimes two, on the chest, not readily noticeable. Husband puts his wallet there. Try Amazon, dicks sporting goods, some independent stores online. Well made shirts.

  • It seems like ExOfficio is only selling underwear now. I have some shirts and pants bought a few years ago that I still use. As long as I don’t gain any weight they should last for a few more trips.

    I also have some Eddie Bauer shirts and pants that work well for travel.

  • Try Eddie Bauer for "fishing shirts" and Columbia for Tamiami shirts. I think these are what you described. Good luck

  • Try Orvis river guide shirt. It may fit the bill. Also Railriders may have something that may work.

  • Thanks everyone. I've looked at all your suggestions and really appreciate it! Currently on hold with Orvis to get details about the pockets and Railriders has just about exactly what he is looking for but unfortunately not available in his size. I guess spring must be the best time to buy these shirts. Lesson learned.

  • Happened to be on LL Bean site and their Men’s Tropic Wear shirt might be worth a look. Two chest pockets and one hidden zip pocket beneath one of the pockets. Regular and tall sizes

  • Hello Augrl I did see that shirt previously. My husband is hopeful to find a horizontal zipper under the pocket flap. However, guess what! I live in California where we have no LL Bean stores, but I am about to leave on a fall road trip in the East and we are definitely stopping in to one of the shops so I will definitely take a look at it.
    Thanks again.

  • Wan - I do not know how far east you are traveling, but LL Bean's flagship store is located in Freeport, Maine. It is huge. Good luck in finding your zippered shirts. It's a shame TravelSmith no longer carries them.

  • Wan - Just order what you want from L.L Bean online. I’ve used them on numerous occasions.

  • Our travel itinerary definitely includes a stop at the flagship store in Freeport! We are fans and had already been planning this when I realized last week that he needs new shirts. Might as well wait to look at them in person. Will be there in 5 days. Many thanks.

  • Wan - That's great. The Freeport store is amazing. My nephew was married at an Inn down the road from there and several of us left the reception (including the groom's mother) to visit the store. We had more fun there than at the reception! Be sure to take a picture with the enormous boot out front. Enjoy!

    I have ordered many things from them, mostly casual items for my husband and he has never been disappointed. I'm hard to fit (5'10" and all arms and legs), so I typically need to purchase items at a store. It's a good thing my mother taught me to sew!

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