Costa Rica Bridges March 24-31, 2024

Wondering who else is traveling on this trip from March 24-31? More specifically, ages of kid(s)? We will be joining with our 9 year old son.


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    edited December 2023

    Many folks don’t visit the forums so won’t respond.

    Wait until you get closer to departure because this info changes, but give Tauck a call. They will give you an age and gender breakdown; NO names or addresses.

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    Alan S…is there a better page where people can connect with future Tauck travelers? I notice that just a few of you are on this page who exchange chats with each other. TIA.

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    I don’t frequent it, but Tauck has a FB page and it is possible there may be a separate Tauck traveler group.

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    On Facebook there is a Tauck group and a separate traveler group for anyone currently signed up for a trip

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    Thanks Alan..I have checked and those are not Tauck moderated and didn’t have any useful information. Many companies have groups for future travelers to ask questions but I guess Tauck doesn’t have one. Thanks for the information.

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    Tauck does not have one.
    When we went on a Bridges tour earlier in the year, I called Tauck about a month before and they gave me the breakdown and ages of the kids which was helpful in preparing our grandchildren. As it turned out, all the girls bonded better than the boys. Our granddaughter was heartbroken to leave her new friends and still ‘Talks’ to them.
    Apparently according to our very experienced TD, the teenage boys are always harder to engage. Our six year old grandson however, was a great hit with the teenage girls, he flirted with them all the time and they thought he was adorable.
    Sara, you will all love Costa Rica, we have been there four or five times. A perfect place to keep your grandson engaged. Our grandkids would love it too. I hope you get the chance to have humming birds perch on your fingers like we did and see baby sloths

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    LissaM- this forum really isn’t moderated either. IT will occasionally weigh in if there is a technical issue, but only rarely will anyone weigh in to answer tour question.

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