Backpack, sling bag or what for daily group trips?

Going on this trip soon and wondering when on the group trips what type of bag is best to carry? Should I use a backpack for the water bottle, jacket, purse, and camera, or is there a bus or van that I can leave those things in when stopping to see various sights and consequently take something smaller? Is a sling bag (glorified fanny pack) too small or just right? My experience is with river cruising in which there was a bus we could leave various things on when stopping for a particular sight. Will it be the same for the AUS/NZ day trips?


  • Yes, exactly the same.

  • Thank you, British!! That helps a lot.

  • On my previous Tauck trips, the bus was always locked and watched by the driver, so we were encouraged to leave larger items on the bus, making a sling bag (for me at least) a preferred way to carry a few small items.

  • I agree with all of the above comments.I use a foldable nylon Samsonite backpack. I leave it on the coach s when not needed. It is completely safe with the driver. I do not carry a purse.I usually have a very small lightweight fabric cross-body pouch that's big enough to hold my iPhone, credit card, foreign currency and hotel key card

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