Luggage Limits on intra tour flight

HI All, I read that you are only allowed to check one piece of luggage on the intra tour flights. Further that one piece most weigh 50 pounds or less.
Is this true? Can you only check one piece of luggage?

Would very much appreciate some quick feedback.

Thank you


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    All Tauck’ tours specify one bag

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    You can check only one bag weighing no more than 50 lbs. You can have one carry on weighing no more than 17 lbs. The checked bag cannot have any items with batteries, and that includes Air Tags. They never actually weighed bags on our tour but we were told sometimes they do.

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    50 lbs is a lot. I never ever reach that amount of clothes inside a checked piece of luggage. Why can’t an AirTag be inside the checked luggage?

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    I believe you're incorrect about AirTags. The battery is small enough that it does not fall into the prohibited area. AlanS posted information about this earlier - maybe he will chime in here.

    [Just looked it up - AirTags only contain 0.1 gram of lithium and that's below the limit to be prohibited.]

    Here's one link - I'm sure you can find others - https://www.cnn.com/cnn-underscored/travel/travel-apple-airtags
    Here's another - https://avoid-crowds.com/are-apple-airtags-allowed-in-checked-luggage/

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    I have used AirTags in my suitcase, in my handbag, in my carryon without ever an issue.

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    The details get technical quickly, but once you dig into the specifics, small devices like air tags, etc. that use lithium ion batteries typically do not generate enough energy to cause problems (fires, etc.). Even most of the smaller power banks are fine as well. It only becomes a problem with larger batteries. The problem is most folks don't have the level of knowledge needed to tell what is OK and what is no without comparables.

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    We use AirTags all the fime these days, they are not prohibited…unless it is a rule for Antarctica!

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    For the Aerolineas Argentinas flights to and from Ushuaia we were specifically told that AirTags were not allowed in the checked bags, along with any item that has a battery. Those of us with AirTags had to move them to our carryons.

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    That’s good to know as we will be visiting Ushuaia next year. I wonder if it is specific to that airline. It will be interesting if that is mentioned in our toir instructions, though without looking, I’m not sure we get there by air.

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    Aerolinas Argentinas did weigh our carryon bags. Mine was a pound or two over 17. We had to go stand in another line and pay a small fee before they’d give us a boarding pass. This was in Buenos Aires in November. We had no trouble keeping our checked bags well below 50 lbs.

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