Lake Como, Venice, Florence, and Rome April 29 2024

Buying a new travel crossbody for my upcoming trip to Italy. Do I need something that can hold a water bottle? Will I be carrying my lightweight jacket with me throughout the day or am I able to leave it on a coach? First time Tauck traveler and very excitedl


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    I've seen everything from zero purses to camera-bag size purses to totes to backpacks used by the ladies. It all depends on how much you feel like lugging around. Lately I've seen mostly small cross-bodies that do not look large enough for a water bottle, which also works for me since I have a sherpa (aka husband) that likes to carry a backpack. Remember about the pickpockets though.

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    I rarely carry a purse. I have pants and a vest with security pockets, a crossbody water bottle carrier (Amazon) and my camera. Generally, that’s all I ever need for touring, and it leaves my hands free.

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