Canadian Maritimes July 2024

I'm booked on the Canadian Maritimes trip for July 2024. I live near DC and having a heck of a time finding good flights to Halifax. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't think Tauck offers any flights for this trip.


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    You can fly non-stop from Boston to Halifax on Air Canada . You would probably need to get a partner airline from DC to Boston and make a connection. Most options likely go through Toronto or Montreal. Alternatively maybe you could connect through Ottawa (I know you can go non-stop from DC to Ottawa and then non-stop from Ottawa to Halifax). Ottawa is a very small airport which should make connecting quite easy when compared with Toronto.

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    Looking at the timetables on ExpertFlyer (subscription based) and picking a random date in July, I found the following routes that are same-airline and one-ticket connections:


    Times will vary by airline, route and day of the week. There are no direct flights or non-stops.

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    Luckily, just found an AA non stop from DCA , starting in early June. My trip starts in Halifax on 14 July 2024. I'll probabvly do that flight and then Halifax thru LGA on the way home. My ony concern are possible cancelatons, very few options. As I tell everyone, flying these days is like a crap shoot..Fingers crossed...thanks for your helpful suggestions.

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    Starting to anticipoate my Canadian Maritimes trip starting in Halifax on 14 July 2024. Think the weather will be OK, not too cold; however, wondering about any special clothes required...boots?....Any info or comments on the trip would be appreciated...

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    We're going in Sep. I don't plan on bringing boots. The roughest walking looks to be the beach time or maybe getting wet at Peggy's Cove. Definitely plan on a rain/wind jacket and mostly casual clothes that can layer. My husband's thinking "Canadian Tuxedo" LOL.

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    I really enjoyed this trip. It’s an easy trip. Boots are not necessary at all. When in Halifax, reserve a dining reservation whether it be for dinner or lunch at the Bicycle Thief. Best scallops I ever had.

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    I haven’t lived in Halifax for a very long time BUT I was born there and graduated from Dalhousie. Unless you are flying from Boston, it is easier to fly Air Canada. That way you will not see your luggage again until Halifax. Last summer, we flew there from Dallas. Canadian Customs are very strict by the way. So is the security coming back into the States. That being said, we did fly on 9/11… If you return through Montreal or Toronto you can pre-clear customs. I would not fly through Pearson/Toronto. It is a zoo. Montreal is bad enough. The Halifax Gardens, Point Pleasant Park and the waterfront are all great to walk. In the last few years, there has been significant storm damage and some of the trees have suffered. Cows Ice Cream is delicious! Exchange your $ before you leave home unless you plan to use an ATM. Much easier. Layers are a great idea. September weather is lovely usually. Highly doubt you will need boots. There is a homeless population. They keep to themselves and are extremely polite. I think they tried to remove the encampments prior to the winter but they may be back now. Cheers.

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    Except for one time, we always fly Air Canada when visiting there and have been pleased with the comfort and level of service. It's been several years, but the last time we flew into and out of Toronto we experienced no issues. Perhaps things have changed.

    You have a beautiful country!

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    I am on the August 4 tour and found non stop flights from PHL.

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    Thanks for all the hints. We don't go until September 2025 so keep them coming!!!!

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