Has anyone flown Air India recently?

Starting to look for flights to India. A neighbor of mine, who grew up in India and goes back once or twice a year, said, "Don't fly Air India, they're the worst." Googled some reviews and they seem to support that feeling.

However, I also read that Tata recently bought them and is committed to make them a competitive airline. They've ordered a bunch of A350s and recently leased some 777s from Delta and Etihad which have much better seats (biz).

When I pick a few random flights from the US to New Delhi and check the layouts on seatguru, they show the old planes. I know seatguru is not infrequently wrong on the configurations, so I wonder if anyone has personal experience with Air India Biz class within the last year and would like to hear your comments. Thanks.


  • With the decline of seatguru, I looked around for a better website for airline configurations. I found several recommendations for Aerolopa. It does not evaluate particular seats, but allegedly has accurate depictions of location of galleys, windows, bathrooms, etc. And it is allegedly more up to date than seatguru. I am not endorsing, just reporting on my research.

  • Thanks lotusgirl. I'll check it out.

  • I flew for Air India for a year or so. I would not fly them for a lot of reasons that I cannot explain without insulting someone or everyone. So I will leave it at that.

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